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The City has three types of boulevards: green space located between the street and the sidewalk, green space located between the sidewalk or curb and the property line, and the green space located in the centre medians of major streets and roads. These boulevards create a more pleasant urban environment. There is a boulevard adjacent to every residential property in Moose Jaw. Boulevard widths vary from less than a foot to 28 feet from the curb. If you are unsure of your boulevard measurement, please contact the Parks and Recreation Department.

Caring for Boulevards

No construction, cultivation or alteration of a boulevard area may be done without permission from the Parks and Recreation Department. The application to landscape a city boulevard, including building fences, can be downloaded here

According to Section 3.(1) of City of Moose Jaw Bylaw 4760:
3.(1) “The owner or occupant of any property abutting a boulevard shall be responsible for the general care and maintenance of such boulevard area including cutting grass, keeping clear of weeds and litter, and maintaining a neat appearance.”

This section also applies to shrubs and hedges on boulevards. It does not apply to trees more than 5 years old. Any trees on the boulevard are owned and maintained by the City.

Fences and Other Landscaping on Boulevards

All fences and landscaping, other than planting grass, on boulevards must be approved by the Parks and Recreation Department. All fences and hedges must conform to the Boulevard Bylaw 4760, particularly the sightline restrictions for fences, hedges and other landscaping placed near street corners, alleys, or driveways. The application forms for building on a boulevard can be downloaded below or picked up from the Parks and Recreation Department.

Fence-Hedge Application Form

Boulevard Landscaping Application Form

Boulevard Trees

The City of Moose Jaw is fortunate to have many treed boulevards. The presence of these trees greatly enhances the community landscape through environmental, economic, and health and wellbeing benefits. The City has made a large investment in our urban forest and the Parks and Recreation Department is responsible for its care and maintenance.

Crews can be seen during late fall and winter pruning trees to improve their health and safety. In addition to this ongoing maintenance program, assistance from the general public plays a major role in providing up to date information.

Information regarding dead, damaged or diseased trees can be given to the Parks and Recreation Department at (306) 694-4447 or by E-mail.

Homeowners who prune city owned trees are in violation of City Bylaw 4423 which states:
“No person shall unlawfully cut, break, or bark, root up or otherwise destroy or damage the whole or any part of any tree, sapling or shrub growing in any public place within the City”

Violators of this bylaw may be punished by fines of up to $2000.00. It is also illegal to prune any elm trees during the provincial elm pruning ban, which is in effect from April 1 to August 31 each year.

For more information on boulevards, please contact the Parks and Recreation Department at (306) 694-4447 or by E-mail.

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