Why Designation?

RecognizeDesignating a property as a Municipal Heritage Property publicly recognizes a property’s value to the community.

Protect - The Heritage Property Act allows City Council to designate any property as a Municipal Heritage Property, thereby providing protections from demolition or substantial alteration over time.

Good Stewardship - Heritage properties contribute to the identity of a community and should be recognized as assets. Designation encourages responsible and careful management which benefits the community for future generations.

Financial Assistance – Cost shared grants are available through the Saskatchewan Heritage Foundation for heritage conservation. Click the links below for more information on available grants:

Saskatchewan Heritage Foundation Website: https://www.saskheritagefoundation.com/grant-programs

Built Heritage Grant Program: Providing support to municipalities, First Nations, incorporated not-forprofit organizations, private individuals, and corporations for projects that conserve the heritage value of a building or structure in order to ensure its retention over time.

One-Time Grant to Non-Designated: This one-time grant provides up to $10,000 to assist the owners of undesignated heritage property. The goal is to promote the conservation and adaptive re-use of commercial heritage buildings in Saskatchewan and raise awareness of the benefit of heritage designation. Deadlines: March 1 and October 1

City Hall – designated July 12, 1982

Designation Process

Anyone interested in nominating a property for Heritage Designation may provide a written request to City Council, which includes the following information (typically in a Statement of Significance format):

  • Property Information – legal description, civic address, date of construction, architect/builder, etc.
  • Heritage Value – the property’s value to the community either on an aesthetic, cultural, social, scientific, architectural, or other basis.
  • Character Defining Elements – the aspects of the property which contribute to the community value (ex: architectural elements, features which indicate the historic use, etc)

All requests will first be considered by the Municipal Heritage Advisory Committee before proceeding to City Council.

Council may pass a Notice of Intention to designate a property, which provides temporary protections and public notice of the proposal.

If no objections are received, Council may pass the Designation Bylaw and list the property in the Municipal Register. The entire process may take several months to complete.

Heritage Designation Information Sheet

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