City Government

Ad Hoc Youth Entrepreneur Business Incubator Mall Committee

The Committee will:

(a) serve as an advisory Committee of City Council on matters pertaining to the establishment and promotion of a Young Entrepreneur Business Incubator Mall in the City of Moose Jaw;

(b) consist of all members of City Council who put forth their names for nomination;

(c) appoint any members of the public it deems appropriate;

(d) conduct meetings in accordance with the City of Moose Jaw’s established rules and procedures, which includes forwarding all minutes of the Committee to City Council;

(e) obtain approvals of City Council, as required, in terms of actions to be taken to complete the Committee’s mandate, such as establishing the Committee’s budget;

(f) present a final report to City Council outlining what the Committee has achieved and its recommendations with respect to the Young Entrepreneur Business Incubator Mall.

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