First Avenue Northwest Pilot Project To Add Digital Payment-Only Parking Stalls

The City of Moose Jaw advises that a pilot project to install northbound parking and lane changes on First Avenue Northwest will go into effect Monday, September 18, 2023.

The one-year pilot project, approved by City Council as part of the 2023 Budget, will see digital payment-only parking stalls added to the east side of First Avenue NW between Manitoba St. and Oxford St.

Each block will have its own, dedicated parking zone number, and drivers can either download and use the City’s HotSpot app to pay for parking, or scan the QR code and pay online without the app. No meters will be installed, but parking lines will be painted. The

Drivers are reminded that this change will officially leave First Avenue NW with a single lane of traffic in each direction (north and south), a shared left-turn lane and parking stalls on the outside lanes.

Additionally, at the intersections of Caribou St., Athabasca St., Fairford St., and High St., the designated right turn lane will again be available for use with new overhead signage being installed on the signalized light poles.

Crews have begun installing the new parking stalls and traffic signage, and the new stalls become available for payment in the Hotspot Parking app Monday, September 18, 2023.


City of Moose Jaw parking Meters are in effect from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday to Friday. Parking is free at meters after 6 p.m. on weekdays, all-day Saturdays, Sundays and all statutory holidays. Parking meters operate on a maximum three-hour time limit at the rates below.




Off Main Street

Main Street – Core Area


$1.00 / h


$2.00 / hr



4 minutes





6 minutes

6 minutes

3 minutes



15 minutes

15 minutes

7.5 minutes



60 minutes

60 minutes

30 minutes



120 minutes


60 minutes

If you don’t want to worry about having change for parking meters, you could purchase a pre-loaded “Park Smart” card that works at many of the downtown meters.


Parking Tickets can be paid online by clicking here or via cashiers at City Hall, 228 Main St. North, can accept payment.


The Traffic Bylaw outlines how the City regulates parking to maintain community standards.

HotSpot Parking App

The City of Moose Jaw is pleased to announce that all downtown meters are integrated with the HotSpot parking app.

Users can download the HotSpot app for free in the Apple or Google Play app stores, create an account and start using the app in less than five minutes.

The app works with the existing meters, which still take coins, and the pre-paid Park Smart cards that work at many of the downtown meters. You can purchase the Park Smart cards at City Hall.

Click to open enlarged image

Parking Stall Leases

A limited number of parking stalls are currently available in the downtown area. Please contact us at (306)694-4400 or at for more information.

Electrified parking stalls $88.00 per month plus GST ($92.40)
Non-electrified parking stalls $78.00 per month plus GST ($81.90)
  • Parking passes must be prepaid – Passes can be purchased from City Hall cashiers on a prepaid basis only. Payment is due on the last business day of the current month or the parking stall will be forfeited.
  • Parking Violations – Vehicles not displaying a valid parking pass will be ticketed. Parking Commissioners will monitor the city parking lots for violations.
  • Vehicle Length – Vehicles parked in city parking lot stalls cannot exceed 20 feet in length from bumper to bumper.
  • Stalls – Parking is authorized only within the boundary lines of the stall issued to the pass holder.
  • Refunds – Refunds will be issued only for passes purchased for 12 months or more. A $10.00 administration fee will be applied to the refund.
  • Replacement Passes – Replacement passes will be issued with a proof of purchases and the payment of a $10.00 administration fee.
  • Responsibility of Parking Pass holders – It is understood that the parking pass holder uses the parking stall assigned to them at their own risk and that the City of Moose Jaw shall not be under any liability whatsoever in respect of personal injury or property loss sustained by the pass holder whatsoever that may arise while using the parking stall or the entrance to or exit from the parking area.

The monthly rental of this parking stall is on the condition that the renter of the parking stall is responsible for any enforcement on parking violations.  If someone is parked in your rented stall and you wish to tow the vehicle, you are responsible for contacting the tow truck and any related cost or the recovery of those costs from the offender.

All parking pass holders are required to exercise care and diligence to prevent accidents to others or damage to the property of others lawfully using City of Moose Jaw parking lots.  The pass holder will indemnify and save harmless the City of Moose Jaw for and from all claims, actions or demands arising out of their negligence or alleged negligence in the use of the assigned parking stall, including their entrances to and exits from the City of Moose Jaw parking area.

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