City Government

Youth Advisory Committee

Youth Advisory Committee Application

YAC Terms of Reference

Structure:           Comprised of the following members:

  • One member of City Council;

Two student representatives from each of the following:

  • Central Collegiate
  • Cornerstone Christian School
  • Peacock Collegiate
  • Riverview Collegiate
  • Vanier Collegiate
  • Ecole Ducharme School
  • Sask Polytechnic
  • Two Youth-at-Large representatives (must be 18 to 25 years of age and cannot be students from schools represented on the Committee.);
  • One student representative from an accredited distance learning school (must be a resident of Moose Jaw);
  • One representative of a home school student (must be a resident of Moose Jaw).

Purpose:             Endeavour to increase positive public awareness and understanding by youth of local government and assist in development new outreach and/or communication policies, strategies and programs.

To network with peers and community leaders and to participate in a forum that is open, inclusive and fun.

To provide a communication between youth of Moose Jaw and City Council that will enhance the quality of life, health and well-being of the youth within the community.

Make recommendations on youth recreational opportunities and community activism.

To identify things in the City of Moose Jaw that are valued by youth, including the things that are considered assets, strengths and opportunities in our community by young persons.

To network with student councils and other youth organizations.

Term of Office:  One School Calendar Year, commencing September 1

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