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Weed Control Program

A comprehensive spraying program to control noxious and nuisance weeds is implemented by the Parks and Recreation Department in the spring and fall of each year, and throughout the year as required.

The Spring Weed Control program is completed in May of each year and covers unirrigated turf areas such as roadside ditches, turf adjacent to trails and empty City-owned lots.

The Fall Weed Control program is completed in late August/early September of each year and covers irrigated turf such as sports fields and playgrounds.

These green spaces will be evaluated and only those areas exhibiting high weed numbers will be sprayed with herbicide. These areas may be spot sprayed, meaning that herbicide will only be applied to specific areas of high weed concentrations within the green space. This practice reduces the amount of herbicide applied.

Prior to spraying, adjacent residents will be notified and areas to be sprayed will be placarded. For your own comfort and safety, it is suggested that residents keep their windows closed and stay off sprayed areas during spraying operations and for 24 hours afterward.

Additionally, the Parks and Recreation Department monitors Moose Jaw for noxious weeds such as leafy spurge and purple loosestrife and acts to control the spread of these serious pests.

If you are chemically sensitive or have any questions regarding the City of Moose Jaw’s Turf Management program, please contact the Parks and Recreation Department at (306) 694-4439 or by email.

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