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Submitting Requests to Address City Council

  1. Any person or group of persons who wish to bring any matter forward for Council consideration, shall direct their request to do so to the City Clerk.
  2. Such request shall be printed, typed written, or legibly written clearly identifying the contact information of the group or person making the request including their name, address, phone contact, and email address. Requests may be original, faxed or submitted by email communication.
  3. Where delegations wish to address an issue, whether or not it is on the agenda of Council, submit a request in writing by no later than noon on the Monday prior to the Council meeting on which they wish to address Council. If at all possible, the courtesy of a full written presentation is preferred. As a minimum, however, requests should provide a detailed outline of the issue(s) which the delegation wishes to address along with a summary of action(s) which the delegation requests of City Council. The subject matter of presentations must be within the jurisdiction of the City of Moose Jaw.
  4. Where possible, the City Clerk shall refer the request to speak to Council on the agenda to either the next regularly scheduled Council meeting or such later regularly scheduled Council or Executive meeting at which the delegation requests to speak.
  5. Whenever appropriate and possible, the City Manager shall prepare, or cause to prepare, a report or letter of transmittal for the benefit of City Council to accompany all communications. For purpose of obtaining such additional information, the City Clerk may delay placing a communication on the agenda of City Council until such information is available, unless directed to do otherwise by the Mayor.
  6. Each verbal presentation is limited to one (1) speaker, except in the case of delegation where two (2) people may speak. The total time allotted is ten (10) minutes. This time limit does not include any questions during which Council may raise with the delegation.
  7. Written communications and supplementary verbal presentations to Council must be of a respectful tone and not contain offensive or demeaning remarks towards City Council, City Administration or any member of the public.
  8. Where a communication is merely for the purpose of providing information to Council, without seeking specific actions from Council, the City Clerk may merely provide a copy of the communication to members of City Council as information.
  9. Section 6 of the regular City Council meeting agenda provides for a Pubic Hearing during which members of the public may speak to City Council regarding a matters on the agenda, which must be presented in respectful manner.Any person intending to address City Council during this time may do so by registering with the City Clerk’s office by 10:00 a.m. on the day of the meeting.The presiding Officer of the meeting shall call forward the presenter(s) at this time.The total time allowed for a registered speaker or delegation shall not be more than ten (10) minutes, not including and questions Council may have for the presenter.
  10. No delegation shall address Council without the express permission of City Council.
  11. Prior to addressing Council members, persons wishing to speak shall state their name for the record.

Pursuant Bylaw 5176

The ability of any citizen to request to be heard with respect to Bylaws being considered in Committee of the Whole following second reading is NOT affected by this Procedure.

The City Clerk’s Department is your direct link to Council and will endeavor to provide as much assistance as possible to insure that your issue is brought to Council in a timely and professional manner. Please contact the City Clerk’s Department at (306) 694-4426 or Email City Clerk using our Contact Us page should you require any further information.

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