Murals of Moose Jaw

The Murals of Moose Jaw program gives visitors the opportunity to see Moose Jaw on a grand scale. Scenes depicting Moose Jaw's early history can be found on the sides and fronts of buildings throughout the downtown core. Paintings, glass works, and low relief all provide insight into Moose Jaw's Notoriously historic development through the years. To view a larger version of each photo, just click the respective image.

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1. Cruising Main Street
Behind Mae Wilson theatre at 217 Main Street North (20' x 44')
By Grant McLaughlin, Moose Jaw 2011
A lively scene of Moose Jaw’s Main Street in the 20’s. Since it is painted on the back of the Old Capital Theater Building, some elements from the Capital Theatre are incorporated in the design. Two of the people, one in the window, and the worker at the side of the mural, are actually sculptures sticking out from the wall.
2. Opening Day Parade
82 Manitoba St. West Wall 16' x 50'
By Gus Froese, Moose Jaw, 1990
The opening day parade of the 1910 baseball season from railway station up Main Street.
3. Breaking New Ground
80 High St. W. North Wall 16' x 40'
By Paul Geraghty, Avonlea, SK, 1990
Representing the pioneer's hopes of a golden future by "proving his land" 5 acres per year for 5 years to obtain title of ownership.
4. Sunday School
60 Hochelaga St. W. 22' x 24'
By Marsha Wade Charlebois, Welland, Ont, 1991.
This mural pays tribute to Eva Hasell and Winifred Tricehurst who did missionary work in the district in the 1920's.
5. Stormin' Main Street - 1883
44 Fairford St. W. East Wall 18' x 80'
By Dale Cline, Moose Jaw 1991
An awesome perspective of Main Street looking North, just as a prairie storm is on the way.
6. The Lady and the Cow
602 Main St. N. West Wall 28' x 29'
By Ernie Bereti, Mclean, SK. 1991
For pioneer women on the prairies a cow was a prized possession. The lady is Mrs. Elizabeth Elliot.
7. Canada Mosaic 150
On the wall of Moose Jaw Tourism facing Tim Hortons 450 Diefenbaker Drive
September, 2016 (8’ x 12’)
150 Communities, and thousands of participants across Canada created Community Murals that reflected the history and culture of Canada. Moose Jaw’s unique Mural is composed of 828 tiles painted by our own residents, and honoring the Snow Bird flying team. Moose Jaw’s, and each individual Mural represents a train car, which will inevitably join the other Murals to form a gigantic train-the foundation of the unification of Canada. The Mural will be a historic legacy to celebrate Canada’s Sesquicentennial (150 birthday) View the whole train online @ Canada 150
8. A Tribute to Lewis Rice
70 Stadacona St. W. 13' x 16' (McMaster Studio Bldg)
By Grant McLaughlin, Moose Jaw, 2011
The Mural is a tribute to Lewis Rice, an early Moose Jaw resident and Photographer.
Using the equipment of the time, he created valuable historic records of rural and City life, especially the scenery and buildings. His works appeared on postcards, and in newspapers and books.
9. Fire Watch
100 Fairford St. W. East Wall
By Grant McLaughlin, Moose Jaw, 2009
The Mural celebrates the history of the Moose Jaw Fire Department. The past of ours, and other communities contain stories of devastating fires, and the effort of firefighters to protect life and property. The gradual changes in equipment and methods are illustrated along with the awareness that the dedication and courage remain the same.
10. Sunday Outing
105 Ominica St. W. East Wall 8' x 16'
By Wee Lee, Regina, SK, 1991
A delicately painted view of an engagement party boating on the Moose Jaw River
11. Postcards from Moose Jaw
On Kiwanis Lodge, River Park
By Grant McLaughlin, Moose Jaw, SK, 2016
The CPR Dam created Paxton Lake, and while primarily built to supply water to trains, this encouraged other development, both economic and recreational. Ice was cut from the river to supply ice houses, and line box cars carrying perishable goods. Market Gardens, Green Houses, piggeries, and Wellington Whites Brick Plant were all located in the Valley. Moose Jaw Aquatic Club trained people for swimming, rowing, canoeing, diving and water polo. River Park Campground is one of the oldest continuing operating campgrounds in North America. The Valley also had tea gardens, tennis courts, ball diamonds, boat and canoe rentals, cabin rentals, swimming beach, dance hall, concessions, picnic areas – the main recreation for many Moose Javians. In winter they had horse races on ice, skating parties, skiing, and sledding. Many of the original houses and businesses are gone now, but without the valley, AND ACCOMPANYING WATER, Moose Jaw would likely not exist.
12. All in a Days Work
80 Stadacona St. W. West Wall 16' x 48'
By Stefan Csiszar, Santa Fe, NM, USA. 1991.
This unique art form depicts three successful businesses of early Moose Jaw.
13. The First Run
125 Main St. N. North Wall 18' x 25'
By Brian Volke, Regina, SK, 1991
On August 19, 1911 Moose Jaw's Streetcar took it's first run.
14. Hopes and Dreams
21 Fairford St. W West Wall 12' x 18'
By Grant McLaughlin, Moose Jaw, 1991
This Bas-relief shows a pioneer wagon loaded with all they need to homestead circa 1882.
15. Living With the Land
55 Ominica St. W 18' x 24'
By Grant McLaughlin, Moose Jaw, SK, 2013
This Mural pays honor to the Lakota Sioux, Cree, Assiniboine, Metis, and other first nation people who made Camp at THE TURN, in the Moose Jaw Valley, a natural oasis in the prairie that provided shelter, wood, water and food, and was mainly used in the winter. The Mural is bordered with diamond shaped geometric designs symbolizing and showing consideration and appreciation of nature. The bit of hide painting in the background helps to tie the design together and show a little of the importance of the horse and buffalo. The Sioux quote at the bottom is another recognition of traditional Aboriginal connection to nature and the world around them.
16. The Sisters of Sion
1236 3rd Avenue N.W. North Wall 16' x 40'
By Ernie Bereti, McLean, SK, 1992
Celebrating the centennial of the founding order, the mural is an open-book format.
17. Lest We Forget
268 High St W. 11' x 54'
By Dale Cline, Moose Jaw, 1992
Sponsored by the Royal Canadian Legion this mural is dedicated to the men and women who fought in World War One and Two and beyond.
18. For the Veterans
West wall of The Moose Jaw Express Building on Manitoba Street West
By David Paul, Moose Jaw, 2006
The Mural was created to honor all the Veterans who fought, and are still fighting to provide us with the freedoms we enjoy, and take for granted. The work depicts the profile of a war-era female nurse, a sailor, an infantryman, and an airman. He based it on those old war recruiting posters, and meant it to acknowledge all generations of people from Moose Jaw who have been affected by war.
19. Old Time Threshing Bee
32 River St. E. 11' x 63'
By Paul Geraghty, Avonlea, SK, 1992.
A tribute to the farmers who made the prairies the bread basket of the world.
20. Winter Carnival
35 High St. E. 16' x 34'
By Grant McLaughlin, Moose Jaw, 1992
This mural shows winter carnival events which were popular during the long prairie winters.
21. National Light and Power Co.
821 Main St. N. 11' x 54'
By Gus Froese, Moose Jaw, 1993
This mural sponsored by the Moose Jaw Asphalt Co., depicts the change that electric lights made to the community.
22. March to the Pipes Forever
500 1st Ave N.W. North Wall 20' x 53'
By Gus Froese, Moose Jaw, 1993
A tribute to the Springs O'Heather All Girls Pipe Band and the Heather Highlanders Dancers.
23. Driving Through the Years
80 Caribou St. W., West Wall 6' x 21'
By Nikki Howell and Bobbi Romanuk, Moose Jaw, 1994
This ceramic tile mosaic depicts the history of the CAA Saskatchewan Motor Club from 1905 to the present.
24. Temple Gardens 1921
24 Fairford St. E. Inside spa 5' x 10'
By Violet Bechtold, Jo-Anne Dusel, Dale Cline, Moose Jaw, 1994
This mural of a popular local nightspot was made from about 9000 pieces of broken china.
25. Air Force Blue
112 1st Avenue N.E. West Wall 16' x 42'
By Dale Cline, Moose Jaw, 1994
Sponsored by 15 Wing Moose Jaw and members of Course 9401. It is a tribute to the training of pilots at the Base since 1940 to date.
26. Discovery
83 Ominica St. W. 16' x 20'
By Rob Froese, Moose Jaw, 1994
Sponsored by Sask Tel, it consists of 750 hand made clay tiles, depicting images of advancements in communication.
27. Peacock Presents
145 Ross St. E.
By Grant McLaughlin, Moose Jaw, 1994.
A Bas-relief of Peacock Collegiate aspects-academics, art, drama, choral and sports.
28. Collage of Lost Murals
River Street wall of McKarrs Furniture 88 2nd Avenue NW
Completed 2017
Remembering our lost Murals, that were loved, and are missed (Remember Old 80) was Moose Jaw first Mural, and was lost when the building was demolished.  Another favourite (River Street Red) was destroyed by fire.  Lost to demolition (The Incorporation of the City of Moose Jaw) and (Moose Jaw Union Hospital Mural), (Our Ukrainian Heritage) was lost to remodelling,  (Summer Games) was lost to deterioration. Since 2007 our Murals have been painted on panels, so hopefully no more will be lost.

29. The Jewels and the Royals
145 Ross St. E. East Wall
By Central Art - Kelly Friesen, Grant McLaughlin, Michelle Wheatley, Moose Jaw, 1996.
A tribute to the excellent women's baseball teams in Moose Jaw in the 30's,40's & 50's.
30. Clarke Bros. Circa 1902
West Wall 37 Main St. N. 10' x 10
By Ruth Hamilton Moose Jaw, 1999
This mural shows the artist's father and uncle's interior of their store operated from 1902 - 1950.
31. Ross Wells Tribute to Baseball
S.E. Face of Ross Wells Diamonds 16' x 48'
By Gus Froese, Moose Jaw, 1999
A tribute to the long history of world class baseball played in Moose Jaw over the years.
32. Tribute to Victoria School
North Wall - 175 1st Ave N.E. 10' x 25'
By Joanne Dusel, Moose Jaw, 2000
Whimsical look at Victoria school on opening day featuring long time teacher Faye Baker.
33. History CPR Station
Free standing wall, 5 Manitoba St. E. 12.5' x 34'
Design by D. Cline, Moose Jaw, 1999
Painted in tribute to Dale Cline, who passed away in 1999, by his students.
34. Dancing on River Street
21 Fairford St. E. - North Wall 10' x 18'
By Brian Romagnoli, Lincoln, Ont, 2002
This mural offers a romantic retrospective glimpse of the exciting nightlife of River Street in the 1920's.
35. Tribute to the Age of Theatre
21 Fairford St. E. - West Wall 10' x 18'
By Brian Romagnoli, Lincoln, Ont, 2002
This mural celebrates the theatres that Moose Jaw the cultural centre of southern Saskatchewan in the 1920's.
36. Family Gathering
Indoors at the Mosiac Stadium 1st Avenue & High Street NW
McCAIG MEZZANINE view from the front stairs
By Wei Luan, Edmonton, AB, 2002
A life-size bronze sculpture of a family of moose.
37. Centennial Mural
Crescent Park Band Shell
By Grant McLaughlin Moose Jaw, SK 2003
A pictorial History of Moose Jaw on the Band Shell in
Crescent Park from 1902-2003
38. Tribute to Gary Hyland
Corner of Home Street and 4th Avenue (25' x 9')
By Grant McLaughlin, Moose Jaw SK. 2012
Tribute Mural to Gary Hyland, a teacher, poet, and arts advocate; was commissioned by the South Hill Community Association and The Riverview Alumni association. The images depict his poetic memories of growing up in the South Hill area in the 40s and 50s.
39. History of the Moose Jaw Exhibition Company
250 Thatcher Dr.- South Wall
Shows the many facets of the Exhibition over the years.
40. The Tree of Life
Corner of 3rd Ave NE& High St.
Artist Joe Dombowsky
The Tree of Life represents wisdom, strength, beauty, peace & faith in the future all of which are enduring values that best describe Saskatchewan people
41. Battle of the Booze
Tourism Centre
By Joe Dombowsky
Prohibition played a major role in the early years of our province. This is particularly true for Moose Jaw, the central point where "The Battle for the Booze' was fought and finally decided. As Saskatchewan's Chief Prohibition Officer, A. J.Hawke was one of the leading characters in this great cat and mouse game known as the prohibition area.
42. Veterinarian Mural
0 block of Hochelaga Street West on the back wall of Patterson Plaza/Rogers/shoppers Drug Mart
By Noella Cotnam
A tribute to all the veterinarians who served in Moose over the years, and helped us keep our pets and animals healthy.
43. A Tribute to the Métis Community
0 block of Hochelaga Street West on the back wall of Patterson Plaza/Rogers/shoppers Drug Mart
By Ray Renooy Winnipeg, Manbitoba, 2007
Mural of Louis Riel "Our people will sleep for a hundred years - but when they awake it will be the artists who bring back their culture"
44. The Last Dambuster
South wall of 212 Main St N (view from High St.)
By Jon Butterworth, (Bushie) Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia 2007
Ken Brown was a Moose Jaw native who flew with the famous Dambuster Squadron during the second World War and was awarded the CGM. Dambusters bombed dams in Germany. The operation was one of great difficulty, demanding very low flying and a high degree of skill and courage and close cooperation with the crews of the aircraft engaged. Flying Officer Robert Alexander Urquhart DFC, another Moose Jaw native, was also part of the Dam Buster mission, but his Plane was damaged in the bomb drop, and then gunned down on the return to base, killing all on board.
45. Capital Theatre Mural
North Wall of Cultural Centre (view from Fairford St.)
By David Butler
A ticket for the theatre in its heyday with a bevy of beauties to grace the stage
46. Riding For the Brand
East Wall Ashdown's Furniture 38 High St W
By Grant McLaughlin
Commissioned by Saskatchewan Stock Growers on their 100th Anniversary and dedicated to honor past and current Cattlemen and Cattlewomen of Saskatchewan. Riding for the Brand is an old west term for a loyal and dedicated Ranch Hand, and the Mural shows an early scene of driving cattle to the Rail yard, with a photo of the original Saskatchewan Stock Growers founders in the center.

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