What are Sidewalk Sales, Sidewalk Patios, Parking Patios and Seasonal Boardwalks?


A Sidewalk Sale is the retail of products, goods or merchandise displayed and maintained upon a public sidewalk or boulevard for the purposes of selling in an adjacent retail establishment.


A Sidewalk Patio is a group of tables, chairs and other accessories situated and maintained upon a public sidewalk, boulevard or parking stall for the consumption of food and beverages sold to the public from, or, in an adjacent indoor restaurant or licensed facility.


A Parking Patio is a Sidewalk Patio which has been extended to include temporary conversion of designated Parking Stall(s) located on public streets.


A Seasonal Boardwalk is a platform constructed in a parking stall for the purpose of creating a pedestrian corridor that allows easy movement of sidewalk users around an on-Sidewalk Patio.


Sidewalk Sale Sidewalk Patio Parking Patio and Seasonal Boardwalk Guidelines

Sidewalk Patio Parking Patio and Seasonal Boardwalk Application

Sidewalk Sale Application

Temporary Patios and Retail Spaces on Private Property

If your business wishes to erect a seasonal patio or retail space on private property, you can do so by applying for a Development/Building Permit. City Administration will review and refer applications to relevant agencies for approval. If alcohol will be served on the patio, approval must be obtained from SLGA.

Your application should include:

  • Site Plan – indicating dimensions and if applicable, number of private parking stalls utilized
  • Seating Capacity
  • Any structures or enclosures that will be erected (ie. decks or tents)

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