The Province of Saskatchewan has delegated authority to the City of Moose Jaw to regulate certain civil and property matters. Passing bylaws is a mechanism used by the City to meet this responsibility.

Information is requested on some bylaws more than others. These bylaws are available in an Adobe Reader format. Additional bylaws will be added at a later date.

See the text based list below.

These Bylaws are provided solely for research convenience. Official bylaws and any amendments are available from the City Clerk/Solicitor’s Department and must be consulted for purposes of interpretation and application of the law. A copy of the official bylaw and its amendments are available upon request – Contact Us

Not all bylaws are available online. For further assistance, contact the City Clerk/Solicitor’s Department by telephone at (306) 694-4424 or by email at

Bylaw Enforcement

The Bylaw Enforcement Department’s role is to promote, facilitate and enforce general compliance with the provisions of City bylaws that pertain to the safety and security of the community. To meet this mandate our Municipal Bylaw Enforcement Officers field complaints from citizens, other City Departments, and outside agencies. They interpret bylaws, monitor and investigate matters, mediate, and enforce using education, warning, and legal recourse as appropriate to each particular case. The goal of the Bylaw Enforcement Department is to achieve voluntary compliance through education and information. Citizens are given the opportunity to correct an offence and comply before more serious enforcement action is considered. The Bylaw Department may need to take direct action however if there is an immediate health or safety concern.

Bylaw Enforcement Officers are available Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

The City of Moose Jaw contracts Parking Enforcement and Enforcement of the Traffic Bylaw to the Moose Jaw Police Service. To learn more, contact the Moose Jaw Police Service at (306) 694-7600.

For information on Bylaw Enforcement please call (306) 694-4553.

Animal Control

The City of Moose Jaw contracts Animal Control and Poundkeeping Services to the Moose Jaw Humane Society (MJHS). For more information on MJHS visit their website or call 306-692-1517.

Animal Protection Services call 306-382-0002 or visit

Bylaw List

Bylaw NameBylaw Number
2012 Property Tax and Hospital Fund Reserve Bylaw5406
A Bylaw Regarding the Repayment of Advances of Trust Monies Made Under Agreement with Ticket Rocket5612
Administrative Review Bylaw5200
Alarm Monitoring Bylaw5154
Boulevard Bylaw, The4760
Building Bylaw5524
Bylaw of the City of Moose Jaw to Authorize the City Manager to Manage the Downtown and Soccer/Field-House Facilities Inc., A5565
Bylaw to Establish a Board of Police Commissioners4713
Carpere Development Levy Exemption Bylaw, 20195593
Cat Bylaw4785
Cemetery Bylaw 5611
City Administration Bylaw5175
City of Moose Jaw Pension Plan Bylaw, The5365
Clean Sidewalks Bylaw5514
Code of Ethics Bylaw4381
Commercial and Industrial Tax Phase In Bylaw5474
Condominium Conversion Bylaw5420
Conservation Easement Bylaw, The5113
Cultural Diversity Advisory Committee Bylaw5370
Dangerous Dog Bylaw5248
Development Levy Bylaw 20185568
Dog Bylaw4495
Downtown Facility and Soccer Field House Facility Bylaw5425
Economic Development Commission Bylaw5373
Elected Members Code of Ethics Bylaw, The5530
Environment Advisory Committee Bylaw5372
Fighting Bylaw5220
Fire Safety Bylaw5567
General Penalty and Enforcement Bylaw5221
Heritage Advisory Committee Bylaw5369
Housing Advisory Committee Bylaw, The5376
Investment Committee Bylaw5558
Keeping of Animals Bylaw5432
Licensing Bylaw, The5225
Miscellaneous Bylaw4423
Moose Jaw Municipal Airport Authority Bylaw5561
Municipal Planning Commission Bylaw5207
Murals Project Management Committee Bylaw5375
Noise Bylaw5488
Office Consolidation Bylaw5048
Parks & Recreation Advisory Committee Bylaw5374
Planning Fee Bylaw5510
Procedure Bylaw5176
Property Maintenance and Nuisance Bylaw5484
Property Tax Bylaw 20175536
Property Tax Bylaw 20185559
Property Tax Bylaw 20195577
Records Retention and Disposal Bylaw, The5529
Renumeration Bylaw5088
Rideshare Bylaw 20195585
Sewer and Water Utility Bylaw5152
Smoking Bylaw, The5192
Special Needs Advisory Committee Bylaw5371
Tax Payments Discounts Penalties Bylaw5431
Taxi, Limousine and Shuttle Bylaw, 20195584
The Official Community Plan for the City of Moose Jaw5345
Traffic Bylaw5556
Trailer Bylaw104469
Transportation Services Advisory Committee Bylaw5359
Uniform Rates Bylaw, 20175531
Waste Management Bylaw5156
Waterworks Utility Infrastructure Rehabilitation Borrowing Bylaw5566
Zoning Bylaw5346

Bylaw NumberBylaw Name
4381Code of Ethics Bylaw
4423Miscellaneous Bylaw
4469Trailer Bylaw
4495Dog Bylaw
4713Bylaw to Establish a Board of Police Commissioners
4760Boulevard Bylaw, The
4785Cat Bylaw
5048Office Consolidation Bylaw
5088Renumeration Bylaw
5113Conservation Easement Bylaw, The
5152Sewer and Water Utility Bylaw
5154Alarm Monitoring Bylaw
5156Waste Management Bylaw
5175City Administration Bylaw
5176Procedure Bylaw
5192Smoking Bylaw, The
5200Administrative Review Bylaw
5207Municipal Planning Commission Bylaw
5220Fighting Bylaw
5221General Penalty and Enforcement Bylaw
5225Licensing Bylaw, The
5248Dangerous Dog Bylaw
5345The Official Community Plan for the City of Moose Jaw
5346Zoning Bylaw
5359Transportation Services Advisory Committee Bylaw
5365City of Moose Jaw Pension Plan Bylaw, The
5369Heritage Advisory Committee Bylaw
5370Cultural Diversity Advisory Committee Bylaw
5371Special Needs Advisory Committee Bylaw
5372Environment Advisory Committee Bylaw
5373Economic Development Commission Bylaw
5374Parks & Recreation Advisory Committee Bylaw
5375Murals Project Management Committee Bylaw
5376Housing Advisory Committee Bylaw, The
54062012 Property Tax and Hospital Fund Reserve Bylaw
5420Condominium Conversion Bylaw
5425Downtown Facility and Soccer Field House Facility Bylaw
5431Tax Payments Discounts Penalties Bylaw
5432Keeping of Animals Bylaw
5474Commercial and Industrial Tax Phase In Bylaw
5484Property Maintenance and Nuisance Bylaw
5488Noise Bylaw
5510Planning Fee Bylaw
5514Clean Sidewalks Bylaw
5524Building Bylaw
5529Records Retention and Disposal Bylaw, The
5530Elected Members Code of Ethics Bylaw, The
5531Uniform Rates Bylaw, 2017
5536Property Tax Bylaw 2017
5556Traffic Bylaw
5558Investment Committee Bylaw
5559Property Tax Bylaw 2018
5561Moose Jaw Municipal Airport Authority Bylaw
5565Bylaw of the City of Moose Jaw to Authorize the City Manager to Manage the Downtown and Soccer/Field-House Facilities Inc., A
5566Waterworks Utility Infrastructure Rehabilitation Borrowing Bylaw
5567Fire Safety Bylaw
5568Development Levy Bylaw 2018
5577Property Tax Bylaw 2019
5584Taxi, Limousine and Shuttle Bylaw, 2019
5585Rideshare Bylaw 2019
5593Carpere Development Levy Exemption Bylaw, 2019
5611Cemetery Bylaw
5612A Bylaw Regarding the Repayment of Advances of Trust Monies Made Under Agreement with Ticket Rocket

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