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The Utilities branch is responsible for reading meters, billing and collection for water and sewer services, processing of requests for connection and disconnection of service, handling of complaints related to utility billings and defective meters.

What You Need to Know

Sewer and Water Locates

To have City Utilities (sewer and water lines, City Trees, City irrigation, etc.) marked before construction, complete the Locates Form and email completed form to for review.

Please allow 5 to 10 business days for a response.

Connections and Disconnections

In most cases, changes to your utilities services can be accomplished with one phone call. In general, anyone that currently has a utilities or tax account with the City can phone in and have connections, location changes, and disconnections accomplished by making a call to Customer Service at 306-694-4410. Please be aware you may be asked for verification of identity when making the change.

Persons that have not previously had a utility or tax account with the City are required to come to Customer Service at City Hall and fill out an application for service. Two pieces of government issued ID are required. A deposit may be required where the application for connection is for a location that is rented.

If you are moving either out of the City of Moose Jaw or to a new location within the City you need to contact Customer Service at City Hall. Your meter will be read on the date you have requested and a final bill will be mailed to you. For certain appointments, a property representative must be present while our meter readers are at the property. There must be someone present for staff to enter any property in order to turn off or turn on the water, read the meter, check the meter for leaks, etc.). The account holder(s) is/are responsible for all bills for the service address until you terminate service. The City of Moose Jaw will only recognize payment arrangements made directly with Utility Department staff.

Payment Options

  • W.I.P.P.S – (automatic monthly payments withdrawn directly from the customer’s bank account)
  • Online or telephone banking services provided by your Financial Institution
  • Payment can be made in person at any Financial Institution
  • Cash, cheque, or debit with our cashiers at City Hall
  • Secure drop slot at City Hall (please include your payment stub with your cheque)
  • Mail to City Hall (please include your payment stub with your cheque)
  • Using Plasiqu the credit card payment provider. There is a link provided on the website. (Please note this is a third party service that charges an additional fee.)

Utility Rates as of February 1, 2023

There are two parts to the fees charged for utility service for your home or business. The connection fee, which is a monthly fixed fee and the consumption fee which is a variable fee that is calculated by measuring the water that flows through the meter. Utility accounts are billed every three (3) months.

Variable Rate 2023
Water $1.5856/m3
Sewer $1.6399/m3
Water Dispensing Device Consumption Fees (Keycard) $4.6091/m3
Monthly Fixed Rates
Meter Size (mm) Meter Size (inches) Water Sewer
15-20mm 5/8″ – 3/4″ $37.77 $20.46
21-30mm 1″ $56.67 $30.72
31-40mm 1 1/2″ – 1 3/4″ $113.31 $61.41
41-50mm 1 13/16″ – 2″ $188.89 $102.37
51-75mm 2 1/16″ – 3″ $377.77 $204.68
76-100mm 3 1/16″ – 4″ $755.58 $409.39
101-150mm 4 1/16″ – 6″ $2,266.66 $1,228.09
151-200mm 6 1/16″ – 8″ $3,022.19 $1,637.47
>200mm >8″ $4,533.31 $2,456.19
Miscellaneous Service Rates
Connection/Application Fee $45.00
Temporary Disconnect Fee $100.00
Service Deposit – Renters $250.00
Water Meter Testing Deposit $50.00
Temporary Water Service (i.e. Hydrant Connection) $300.00
Reinstatement/Disconnect Fee $40.00
Call-Out Fee for Attendance After Regular Working Hours $85.00

The average residential household has a 15-20mm meter and consumes 47.63m3 per billing period. The average household billing using the above rates would be:

Charge Type Measurement Rate Average Billing
Water Monthly Fixed Fee 3 months $37.77 $113.31
Sewer Monthly Fixed Fee 3 months $20.46 $61.38
Recycling Monthly Fixed Fee 3 months $5.44 $16.32
Garbage Fees 3 months $10.29 $30.87
Water Consumption Fee 47.63m3 $1.5856 $75.52
Sewer Consumption Fee 47.63m3 $1.6399 $78.11
Total Average Billing (per 3 months) $375.51

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