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Tree of Significance

Canada’s official National Tree Day is the Wednesday of National Forest Week, which falls on the last full week of September. To commemorate this event the City of Moose Jaw’s Park & Recreation Department would like to recognize the trees of significance to residents in Moose Jaw.

Is there a tree in Moose Jaw that you feel other residents should know about? If so, nominate the tree as Moose Jaw’s Tree of Significance by September 16, 2022. The winning tree or trees will be announced on September 21, 2022, National Tree Day.

Let us know why you think your tree is special:

  • Is it because of its size and shape?
  • Does it have an historical significance?
  • Is it a rare species for this region?
  • Is it unusual or interesting in some way?

Trees nominated should be accessible to the public such as in public or institutional spaces (ex parks and schools) or the front or side yards of residential homes. Nomination forms can be downloaded here or picked up at the Parks and Recreation Department office. Nominations may be submitted in person or via email to

For more information, please contact the Parks and Recreation Department at (306) 694-4447

2021 Trees of Significance Winners:
A large American elm on the boulevard at 1030 Henry St. This tree was nominated due it’s beauty and the love the homeowner has for the tree. They compared the tree to a child – a lot of work, but worth the effort.
A pair of large spruce trees in front of 1115 Simpson Ave. The nominator has a found memory of planting these trees with their family approximately 40 years ago. The trees are now excellent examples of how beautiful spruce trees can be in our city.
A trio of American elms on the median of the 0 block of High St W. These trees were nominated because of their beauty and the shade the provide for the block. These elms have survived the harsh downtown landscape and several construction projects and are therefore a symbol of perseverance as well as beauty.
2020 Tree of Significance Award went to:

The 2020 Tree of Significance is a large weeping birch in the front yard of 1515 Spadina St. This tree is one of the few fully mature weeping birches left in Moose Jaw after bronze birch borer caused the death of most of the birch tree population.

2019 Tree of Significance Award went to:

The 2019 Tree of Significance is a large silver maple at the corner of 4th Ave SW and Lillooet St W. This tree is the namesake tree of the Maple Leaf Bakery.

2018 Tree of Significance Award went to:


The 2018 Tree of Significance is a tatarian maple on the Saskatchewan Polytechnic campus. This tree is not only an impressively large specimen of a relatively rare species in Moose Jaw, but was also the tree used to display red dresses as part of the REDress Exhibit, which was part of the Atamiskākēwak National Gathering held in April, 2018.

2017 Tree of Significance Award went to:


The 2017 Tree of Significance is a Manitoba maple located in the heart of the vegetable patch of the Mosaic Community Food Farm in Churchill Park. This tree is significant because it serves as a gathering place, especially for volunteers at the Food Farm, and has a very unique form which allows it to act as a living bench.

2016 Tree of Significance Award went to:


The 2016 Tree of Significance winner is an elm located to the west of the 9th Avenue Bridge. This tree is significant because it has survived two floods, the construction of the 9th Avenue Bridge and is a reminder of the neighbourhood that once existed in Hamilton Flats.

2015 Tree of Significance Award went to:


The 2015 winning tree is a Plains Cottonwood Poplar located in the front yard of 280 River Park Drive in Wakamow. This tree is significant because it is one of the largest in Moose Jaw with the diameter of the trunk being 7.3 feet (circumference of 23 feet).

2014 Tree of Significance Award went to:


Weeping Birch located in the backyard of 143 Iroquois Street East. Nominated because there are very few Weeping Birch trees left alive in Moose Jaw.

2013 Tree of Significance Award went to:


1029 Normandy Dr – Golden Willow – Nominated because of the deep sentimental value to a local family as it was their beloved dog’s favourite tree on her daily walk.


1306 Queen Cres. – Green Ash – Nominated because it’s a beautiful healthy tree which shades the homeowner’s house and entire front lawn.


919 Hawthorne Cres – Mancana Ash – Nominated because of its near perfect shape, multiple trunks and wonderful fall colour.

2012 Tree of Significance Award went to:


262 Athabasca St E (in front of WJ Jones & Son) – North American Elm – Nominated because of its beauty and power to uplift.


1138 – 13th Avenue NW – Walnut Tree – Nominated because this species of tree does not normally grow in Moose Jaw.


822 Stadacona St W – Poplar Tree – Nominated because of its size. One of the largest Poplars found in Moose Jaw.

2011 Tree of Significance Award went to:


Little Leaf Linden
1214 Iroquois Dr


Blue Spruce
170 Oxford St W


Plains Cottonwood
Wakamow Valley

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