Financial & Budget Reports

Moose Jaw City Council approved the 2020 Operating Budget, 2020-2024 Capital Budget and 2020-2024 Equipment Reserve Budgets on Wednesday, December 11, 2019.

It is the first time ever that the City of Moose Jaw has approved a Budget prior to the start of the new Budget year.

The Budget includes:

1.3% Operating Budget increase that ensures no service cuts and adds:

  • Enhanced Urban Forestry Program.
  • Additional Police officer.
  • Upgraded and updated Information Technology including Request For Service (RFS) app and Website.
  • Concrete and Asphalt Crushing – potential to save expenditures and generate revenue.
  • Grants to the Cosmo Senior Citizens Association and the Moose Jaw and District Seniors Association to assist with their annual operations.
  • Economic Development Initiatives.
  • Support to the Southeast Industrial Park Development.
  • Support to the SaskPower 350 megawatt Power Station in the Southeast Industrial Park.
  • 2 – 100 Watt Solar Projects.
  • $ 3,600,000 for Paved Roadways.
  • Kinsmen Sportsplex Upgrades.

1% Operating Budget Increase for a designated capital reserve for Capital Projects for Recreation and City Facilities, including:

  • Upgrades to the Pla-Mor Palace to become inclusive by providing proper female locker rooms.
  • Irrigation upgrades to Iron Bridge subdivision.
  • Energy Savings by upgrading lighting at the Cultural Centre.

$15 increase to Hospital Levy, renamed to Infrastructure levy and creation of a specified capital reserve for the Cast Iron Reserve Fund. This is a component of the increased funding to allow the City to spend $ 9,100,000 on the Cast Iron Watermain Replacement Program and an additional $ 9,100,000 in 2021.

The increases from 2019 Property Taxes upon the average Property Owner (based on $246,000 assessed value):




1.30% Municipal Tax Increase for Operating Budget




1.00% Municipal Tax Increase for General Capital Budget




Infrastructure Levy Increase*








*2019 saw the completion of the hospital levy, which was $15.00 in 2019.

Additionally, City Council approved a 6% increase to Water rates and 5% increase to Sewer rates. Water and Sewer Budget initiatives included:

  • Second Construction Crew to address backlog of repairs and transition to water main replacement.
  • $ 9,100,000 for Cast iron Replacement Program
  • Water and Sewer services combined into one Utility allowing an additional $ 3,000,000 for capital funding and used to reduce borrowing.
  • Land Sale Proceeds & Off Site Development Levies used to fund the City’s portion of the Capital Reservoir Project
  • $ 16,000,000 for new Reservoir Project
  • $ 1,200,000 for repairs to Fluoridation System
  • $ 1,800,000 for Sanitary Sewer Upgrades

The increases from the 2019 Utility Rates upon average Utility Customer ($725 annually for Water, $590 for Sewer)


Cost per



6.00% Waterworks Utility Rate Increase




5.00% Sanitary Sewer Utility Rate Increase








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