Financial & Budget Reports

The City of Moose Jaw will provide an additional $800,000.00 in support to residents and businesses in response to the financial effects of COVID-19.

At the regular meeting of City Council Monday, May 11, Council approved:

  • Reducing the 2020 property tax increase from 2.3% to 0% – a spending reduction of over $670,000.
  • A Small Business Support program that gives a $500.00, one-time property tax credit to Moose Jaw businesses holding Category A or Category B business licenses. The funds (estimated over $150,000) will come from the City’s Accumulated Surplus.
  • Extension of WIPPS and TIPPS (Utility and Property Tax payment installment programs) to allow residents to go on the installment payment plans and repay outstanding amounts over 12 months (for Utilities) and 15 months (Property Taxes) penalty free.

These decisions are added to measures approved by Council March 24, including the waiving of Transit and Paratransit fees, and discontinuing Utility disconnections and seizures of property for non-payment.

The 2020 Operating Budget, approved in December of 2019, called for a 2.3% property tax increase. However, Council acknowledged the financial impact to residents and to City finances due to COVID-19 when making the decision, which eliminates the following items from the 2020 Operational Budget: including:

  • The 1% increase in the 2020 mill rate for funding of Parks, Recreational and Facilities capital projects – worth $295,426 – is postponed for implementation until the 2021 Budget.
  • Third-party funding reduced by $159,100 for the remainder of the 2020 fiscal year.
  • The Financial Services and Human Resource Services budgets are reduced by $51,060.
  • The Phyllis Dewar Outdoor Pool will remain closed for the 2020 season – a savings of $166,176.
  • City Council reduced their collective Travel Budgets for 2020 by $31,874.

“We understand the financial pressures of our community, and we hope these measures will mitigate some of those difficulties,” said Mayor Fraser Tolmie. “We appreciate the continued commitment and perseverance Moose Jaw residents have shown in fighting COVID-19.”

Applications for the Small Business Support Program close June 30. To apply click here. 

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Moose Jaw City Council approved the 2020 Operating Budget, 2020-2024 Capital Budget and 2020-2024 Equipment Reserve Budgets on Wednesday, December 11, 2019.

It is the first time ever that the City of Moose Jaw had approved a Budget prior to the start of the new Budget year.

The Budget included:

1.3% Operating Budget increase that ensures no service cuts and adds:

  • Enhanced Urban Forestry Program.
  • Additional Police officer.
  • Upgraded and updated Information Technology including Request For Service (RFS) app and Website.
  • Concrete and Asphalt Crushing – potential to save expenditures and generate revenue.
  • Grants to the Cosmo Senior Citizens Association and the Moose Jaw and District Seniors Association to assist with their annual operations.
  • Economic Development Initiatives.
  • Support to the Southeast Industrial Park Development.
  • Support to the SaskPower 350 megawatt Power Station in the Southeast Industrial Park.
  • 2 – 100 Watt Solar Projects.
  • $ 3,600,000 for Paved Roadways.
  • Kinsmen Sportsplex Upgrades.

1% Operating Budget Increase for a designated capital reserve for Capital Projects for Recreation and City Facilities, including:

  • Upgrades to the Pla-Mor Palace to become inclusive by providing proper female locker rooms.
  • Irrigation upgrades to Iron Bridge subdivision.
  • Energy Savings by upgrading lighting at the Cultural Centre.

$15 increase to Hospital Levy, renamed to Infrastructure levy and creation of a specified capital reserve for the Cast Iron Reserve Fund. This is a component of the increased funding to allow the City to spend $ 9,100,000 on the Cast Iron Watermain Replacement Program and an additional $ 9,100,000 in 2021.

The increases from 2019 Property Taxes upon the average Property Owner (based on $246,000 assessed value):




1.30% Municipal Tax Increase for Operating Budget




1.00% Municipal Tax Increase for General Capital Budget




Infrastructure Levy Increase*








*2019 saw the completion of the hospital levy, which was $15.00 in 2019.

Additionally, City Council approved a 6% increase to Water rates and 5% increase to Sewer rates. Water and Sewer Budget initiatives included:

  • Second Construction Crew to address backlog of repairs and transition to water main replacement.
  • $ 9,100,000 for Cast iron Replacement Program
  • Water and Sewer services combined into one Utility allowing an additional $ 3,000,000 for capital funding and used to reduce borrowing.
  • Land Sale Proceeds & Off Site Development Levies used to fund the City’s portion of the Capital Reservoir Project
  • $ 16,000,000 for new Reservoir Project
  • $ 1,200,000 for repairs to Fluoridation System
  • $ 1,800,000 for Sanitary Sewer Upgrades

The increases from the 2019 Utility Rates upon average Utility Customer ($725 annually for Water, $590 for Sewer)


Cost per



6.00% Waterworks Utility Rate Increase




5.00% Sanitary Sewer Utility Rate Increase








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