Development and Building Permits are typically applied for simultaneously. Only one application form is necessary to apply for both a Development and Building Permit.   

All construction within the City of Moose Jaw must conform to the standards of the National Building Code and any relevant City of Moose Jaw Bylaws. The Planning & Building Divisions work collaboratively to ensure these standards are maintained, and construction in Moose Jaw is safe and reliable. The divisions work closely with the City’s Engineering and Public Works Departments, Moose Jaw First Department and Public Health to ensure compliance with regulations. 

Development Permits vs Building Permits 

  • Development Permit: is a legal document that confirms that the proposed project or business complies with the City’s Bylaws. When an application is received, the Development Officer reviews the operation and proposed construction against the City’s minimum standards. This review begins with confirmation that the proposed land use is a permitted use at that location. 
  • Building Permit: is a legal document that confirms that the proposed building or space complies with the requirements of the National Building Code. The Building Code prescribes different safety and construction requirements depending on the use of the space. For uses that involve significant public visitation of the property (eg. retail store or restaurant), the safety requirements may be more strict. For example: an office use which only has employees or limited public visitation, the standards may be lower. When the use of the space changes, it may require alterations to meet the safety standards of the change of use

If you are unsure whether your project requires a permit, please contact Planning & Development Services.

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