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Liability Claims

From time to time individuals or commercial entities may feel that damage has been done to their property due to negligence on the City of Moose Jaw's part. In order to deal fairly with these claims the City of Moose Jaw has set up an independent adjudication process for these claims. If the claims are under $5,000 an independent insurance adjudicator has been retained by the City of Moose Jaw to investigate these claims and to make a judgment as to liability. If the independent adjudicator finds the City of Moose Jaw liable, then the City of Moose Jaw will pay the damages specified by the independent adjudicator. In the case of damage claims over $5,000, our insurance provider Saskatchewan Government Insurance, adjudicates these claims and makes restitution if they determine that the City of Moose Jaw is liable.

Initiating a Claim

If you feel that the City of Moose Jaw has by its negligence caused damage to your property, you can file a claim by mailing or writing a letter to the City Comptroller outlining in detail your claim.

The letter or email should include the following details:

    • What happened
    • Where it happened
    • When it happened
    • Any cost details you have with respect to the remedy
    • Contact name, address, and phone number
    • If you would like to include pictures or other helpful info, that would be acceptable as well.

This claim letter should be signed in ink by yourself and mailed or delivered to City Comptroller's attention at City Hall, 228 Main Street North, Moose Jaw, SK S6H 3J8. If you choose to send your claim information by email, please forward to . If you require further information on this process or you would like to know the status of your claim, you can contact the Deputy City Comptroller at 306-694-4501 or by email. (Monica White)

The Claims Process

Claimant writes claim letter to the City Comptroller. (or email claim and/or pictures to )

  • Report is prepared by the City Department responsible for the alleged damage.
  • Claimants letter and City Report are forwarded to an independent insurance adjudicator.
  • Independent insurance adjudicator investigates claim.
  • Independent insurance adjudicator renders decision on liability.
  • Payment is made if City is found liable.

The total claim process takes approximately 4 to 8 weeks.

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