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W.I.P.P.S. Program

W.I.P.P.S. Application

How do you apply for W.I.P.P.S.?

Complete and return the W.I.P.P.S. Application along with a voided cheque from your Financial Institution. For W.I.P.P.S. service on multiple properties, submit one application listing all affected properties.

Mail or Deliver to:

City of Moose Jaw W.I.P.P.S.
Department of Financial Services
Main Floor
228 Main Street North
Moose Jaw, SK S6H 3J8

What is W.I.P.P.S.?

W.I.P.P.S (Water Instalment Payment Plan Service) allows Water and Sewer customers to pay their bills automatically through direct debit. Furthermore, the payment is made monthly rather than quarterly as with manual bills, all without incurring interest charges or penalties.

Why use W.I.P.P.S.?

Many busy people find it difficult to pay their bills by the due date and end up incurring penalty charges. Others find that paying a bill for three months of service (the City only bills four times a year) in a single payment to be a financial burden. With W.I.P.P.S. one third of the bill is debited from your bank account every month. And finally, most people like the convenience of W.I.P.P.S.

How does W.I.P.P.S. work?

Most households use more water at certain times of the year. The charges for W.I.P.P.S. customers are “equalized” for the entire year. W.I.P.P.S. customers have equalized amounts debited from their bank, trust company or credit union accounts at the beginning of every month – 12 times per year.

Once a year your account is reconciled to the actual water consumption based on your meter reading. Credits and debits are applied to your account and the amount withdrawn from your account is adjusted.

Customers still get their regular bill allowing them to monitor usage, but it will have a notation telling them not to pay as they are W.I.P.P.S. customers.

Who can use W.I.P.P.S.?

All existing and new Water and Sewer customers can join W.I.P.P.S. However their account must be current and they must have a bank account with a Financial Institution.

Are there any penalty or interest charges?

No penalties or interest charges are levied on a W.I.P.P.S. account in good standing. However, interest and penalties are charged on accounts with NSF transactions.

The City of Moose Jaw does not charge an administrative fee for providing the W.I.P.P.S. program.

Withdrawing from W.I.P.P.S.

You may withdraw from the program by giving 7 days notice to the City of Moose Jaw Water & Sewer Utility division. Please call Customer Service at 1-306-694-4410 for further instructions. If you withdraw from W.I.P.P.S. or are terminated for NSF reasons, all unpaid balances become due and payable and are subject to prevailing interest penalties. As well the account will be reconciled at that time to the actual meter reading and differences will be applied to the account.

What if you move?

If you transfer service to a new location, you may transfer your W.I.P.P.S. account to your new location.

If you are no longer a W.I.P.P.S. customer, your old meter will be read and your account will be reconciled. Any credits or debits will be applied to your final bill.

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