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What is TIPPS?

TIPPS Policy

Tax Installment Payment Plan Service (TIPPS) is a payment plan which provides an opportunity for taxpayers to make monthly payments for property taxes rather than a single annual payment. Many people find it difficult to make a single large tax payment. Monthly installments break this into 12 convenient, smaller payments, with no additional charges.

Can You Use TIPPS?

You can join the TIPPS program if:

  • You have chequing privileges at a financial institution.
  • Your tax account is paid in full, or if commencing TIPPS midway through the year, a prorated portion of the current year’s taxes has been paid.

How TIPPS Works

Payments normally begin in January and continue until December. However, if you wish to start TIPPS midway through the year, a pro-rated payment will be required. This amount will be equal to the installment amounts that would have been made from January to your commencement date plus any penalties that may have accrued. The monthly payment amount is calculated by dividing your most recent tax levy by the number of months in a year.

Your January to May installments will be based on an estimate of your tax levy. Beginning in June, payment amounts will be adjusted based on the current tax levy less payments to date. Your Tax Notice will note your preauthorized payment amount once you are on the TIPPS program. Please check your tax notices for changes to your preauthorized payment amount.

Payments are made by automatic withdrawal from your chequing account. The withdrawals will take place on the banking day closest to the 1st or 15th of the month (you must choose one). Your written authorization together with a cheque marked “VOID” must be received before the withdrawals will begin. Your payments will continue on TIPPS automatically as long as you continue to meet the conditions for enrollment in the program. You will not be required to reapply each year.

Is there a fee?

The City of Moose Jaw does not have a fee for this service, however, your financial institution may have a service charge. Prepayment discounts and late payment penalties will not apply.

How Do Adjustments to Your Property Taxes Affect Your TIPPS Payment?

If for any reason your property assessment changes during the year, you will be advised in writing of the new amount of the installment payment. Should other amounts be added to your property tax account, you will be required to pay them in full by the due date

Cancelling the TIPPS Program

TIPPS Cancellation Form

You may withdraw from the program by giving written notice at least two weeks before the next payment is due.

Withdrawing from the TIPPS Program on Sale of Your Property

If you sell your property during the year you are requested to inform the Taxation Branch, Financial Services Department, in writing at least two weeks in advance of the next payment. If you or your lawyer request a Tax Certificate, the City will provide details of your tax account, including the most recent tax levy and the total TIPPS payments made to date in the current year. The tax adjustments can then be taken into consideration when completing the transaction between you and the purchaser.


If your payment is missed you will be charged the standard NSF fee and may be withdrawn from the program.


If you withdraw or your program is canceled due to nonpayment, all unpaid taxes become due and payable, and are subject to penalties in accordance with the Tax Penalty Bylaw.

How to Apply for TIPPS

Please mail or deliver the authorization portion of this form TIPPS Application along with a void cheque two weeks prior to your desired start date (please allow a minimum of 3 weeks for January start dates)to:
City of Moose Jaw
Taxation – Main Floor
228 Main St N
Moose Jaw SK S6H 3J8

If you wish to commence TIPPS midway through the year, you will be required to pay a prorated portion of the years taxes and any applicable penalties prior to the date of your first installment. You will be advised of the amount of the prorated payment and the monthly installment amount by the Taxation office.

For more information on the TIPPS program call 694-4400.

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