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How Do I Send In My Reading?

There are a few options for customers to submit a water meter reading to the City in the event the water meter reader in their area was unable to read their meter for the current billing period to help ensure they are billed accurately at actual usage rather than being billed using a software-generated system estimate. These include:

  • A 24 Hour Dial-A-Reading Line at 306-694-4506
  • Submit Your Water Meter Reading using our Request for Service app on your phone or computer (Report an Issue page) and select the "Water Meter Reading" option.
  • Filling out and returning the green slip left by the water meter reader to City Hall

We are also promoting the installation of remote meters. The remote meters make it faster and easier for the meter reader to get the reading, and save customers the inconvenience of having someone enter their home. If you are interested in having a remote meter installed at your home please contact Customer Service at 306-694-4410.

Water Meter Reading Instructions

Your water meter may not look exactly like the one shown here. Some older style meters have only circular dials and no roll over type counter while some have only the counter. Many have both, like the one pictured here. If your meter is of the dial-only type, please contact Customer Service at 306-694-4410 for proper instructions on how to obtain an accurate reading.

Most meters have between 5 and 6 digits for readings. Some meters may have 8 digits in total, if so the first five digits are cubic meters and the last three would be tenths, hundredths and thousands. (For example, your meter reads 00352756, the number we would require would be 352.)

In this example the last digit on the meter is coloured in a different shade or marked differently than the rest and records the tenths of the consumption. This tenth is not used in the reading with which you are billed.

To read the meter, face the meter so that the numbers are right side up. Simply read off the numbers from left to right. You do not have to include zeroes that appear before the actual reading. (For example, your meter reads 00091, the number we would require would be 91.)

Since the tenths are not used in calculated billings, it is not necessary to read the number either.

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