Permit turnaround time for residential building and development takes approximately 3-4 weeks. If there is missing information, or other approvals required, applications may take longer. 

Where are my property lines? 

Property lines can only be accurately located by a professional surveyor, or by referencing a Surveyors Certificate/Real Property Report. The City does not provide surveying services. You may contact Planning and Development to check if we have a Surveyors Certificate/Real Property Report on file for your property.  

Fun fact: most property lines do not start at the sidewalk or curb. Most properties have a City-owned boulevard between the curb/sidewalk and private property. Property owners are required to maintain any City boulevard adjacent to their property. Permission to landscape or build a fence on City boulevard may be obtained from the Parks & Recreation Department. 



The City has recently adopted a Housing Incentive Policy! Please review the below documents to see if you are eligible: 

Housing Incentives

Housing Incentives Policy

Housing Incentive Application

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