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P&R: Saskatchewan Lotteries Community Grant Program


Event Type
5) Is your group registered (or in the process of being registered) as a non-profit organization with the Saskatchewan Government?
6) Please select which grant category you are applying for

Target Grant Questions

Target Group Grant: Please check off the following target populations your program will focus on.

Special Event Hosting Grant

Special Event Hosting Grant: (Please check off the scope of your special event.)
Have you run this Special Event before?

Base Grant

Radio Buttons
Is this program available to the entire community?
Is there a direct participation, membership, or registration fee to be able to participate?
Is this a new or developmental program that will help expand participation within your existing program?
Is this a onetime or established ongoing program?
7) Does your project support the Framework for Recreation in Canada Priorities? Please check all that apply.
8) How will Saskatchewan Lotteries and the City of Moose Jaw be recognized for their contributions?
10) Please outline your tentative budget. Please be as detailed as possible. If there is insufficient room, please include more information on a separate sheet. Refer to the organization guidelines to see which items are ineligible expenses (ex. food, prizes, etc.) Do NOT include ineligible expenses in your grant application. Your budget must balance.

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