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Children's Education

Children should try to get a Grade 12 certificate. This is needed for most post-secondary studies. A few will accept a Grade 10. Kindergarten to Grade 12 schools are for children and youth up to 22 years of age. Students graduate from school after they successfully complete Grade 12. The school year in Canada usually runs from the beginning of September of one year to the end of June the next year. Classes are usually Mondays to Fridays, from about 8:45AM to about 3:45PM. The times may be a little different from school to school. There are no regular classes during the summer holiday (July and August). Children in Saskatchewan do not have to pay to go to publicly funded pre-Kindergarten to Grade 12 schools. Education is funded by the Government of Saskatchewan. You may have to pay some small local fees for activities and materials. Children who are coming to live in Moose Jaw should be signed up (enrolled) in school as soon as possible. The rules for this depend on the child's immigration status. Speak to the school division for more info.

Settlement Workers in Schools (SWIS)

Moose Jaw Multicultural Council has a program that helps families to get their kids settled into the school system. For the Settlement Worker in Schools (SWIS) program, click on the info link.

English language Training for Children

Many newcomer children may have a native language other than English and will need to improve their English. This type of education is important for future goals but no credit is earned towards graduation. For more information on ELT for your children, please contact a SWIS worker (see above)

Moose Jaw's School Divisions Moose Jaw has three different publicly funded school divisions which are funded through taxes and government grants. Prairie South School Division is called a public school. To find out more, click on the info link.

Holy Trinity Roman Catholic School Division is a Catholic school division, which is also called a separate school division. To learn more, click on the info link.

Both of these school divisions have elementary schools (Kindergarten to Grade 8) and secondary schools (Grades 9 to 12). Some of the schools have preschools (as early as 3 years old). The third school division is Francophone (French language) Conseil écoles fransaskoises. To learn about this school division, click on the info link.

This division runs a Francophone Immersion school for K -12 for French-speaking children, click on the info link.

Moose Jaw also has a private school Cornerstone Christian School. You must pay fees for children to attend this school.

For information click on the info link.

Moose Jaw also has a Montessori preschool. For more information click on the info link.

To find out more about education in Saskatchewan, click on the info link.

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