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More About Moose Jaw

"Surprisingly Unexpected" is the official logo for the City, but it is also known as the "Friendly City".

Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada, is a city of about 35,000 residents. It is in South Central Saskatchewan and is on Trans-Canada Highway 1. Highway 2 goes north and south through Moose Jaw. Highway 39 leaves Moose Jaw for the USA border crossing.

Buses (the Saskatchewan Transportation Company bus lines and the Greyhound bus lines) travel into and out of Moose Jaw and district. Moose Jaw has a small airport and the Regina International Airport is a 45 minute drive away.

Moose Jaw is mostly a service community, although there is some primary industry, mostly potash. The land around Moose Jaw is almost all farmland, with mix of grain and animals. The Moose Jaw River winds through Wakamow Valley in the southern portion of the City and is a beautiful place for many different activities all through the year. Moose Jaw is also home to the world famous Snowbirds – the Canadian Forces Air Show team.

Moose Jaw is a multicultural city with many immigrants. Some of the ethnic groups are: British, Cambodian, Caribbean, Chinese, East Indian, Filipino, French, Hellenic (Greek), Hispanic, Irish, Jamaican, Korean, Latin American, Liberian, Pakistani, Romanian, Russian, Scandinavian, Scottish, South African, Sudanese, Ukrainian. You can see that the people of Moose Jaw welcome all immigrants and other newcomers. There are many supports in our community.

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