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Living in Moose Jaw


Insurance companies can help you with money if you lose or damage something or you have an accident and are injured. You pay the company a fixed sum of money each month. The company will pay it back and more, to cover your losses if you need to make a claim. If you never make a claim, the company gets to keep the money you have paid it. Some things must have insurance. You can choose about other things. If you buy a vehicle, then you must buy basic insurance. You can also buy what is called a ‘package policy’ that will increase the amount of insurance that you have on your vehicle and on people who drive the vehicle.

If you rent an apartment or a house, the landlord will have insurance on the building. This will not cover your own things in the home, so you may want to buy insurance for those, in case of fire, or theft. If you buy a home, you will need insurance for the building itself. If you wish to have your personal things insured, then that would be included with the insurance for the home.

If you plan on starting a business, you will need to find out what insurance you need. You may also buy personal insurance for you or for family members. This could be life insurance, which pays an amount to someone you name, if you die. You may also buy disability insurance, which would give you an income if you are unable to work. And there are many other kinds of insurance.

Most insurance is sold by insurance brokers or insurance agents. It is probably best to talk to one of these agents about the kind of insurance that you wish to buy. There are a large number of these agents and they usually work for large insurance companies. For more information on different types of insurance and many other things, please click on the info link.

For information on Home Insurance (Saskatchewan specific) click on the info link.

For information on Auto Insurance (Saskatchewan specific) click on the info link.


Events Moose Jaw has many different events each year. These include arts, recreation, sports, music, live theatre, concerts, and more. . These events are usually advertised through the local media and on special event pages. To find out more, click on the info links below.

Moose Jaw Community Association

Discover Moose Jaw

Tourism Moose Jaw

Moose Jaw World Web

In Moose Jaw

Arts & Culture

Moose Jaw has many arts and cultural activities and groups. There is always something going on to interest you. There is not space here to list all of the groups and what they do. But here is a link for you to look at. Click on the info link.

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