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Living in Moose Jaw


For newcomers, being able to travel freely depends on having the proper documentation. Travel within the country is allowed but make sure you carry copies of immigration documents with you. For those wanting to travel abroad, it is important to know the rules about travel and to have the proper documentations for leaving and returning to Canada. You will need to prepare a long time before you plan to travel.

For more information about travel, please click on the info link.

Getting the Things You Need

You will find many places in Moose Jaw to buy food, clothing, furniture. For more information about shopping, click on the info link.


Moose Jaw has a wide variety of activities for all age groups. Look at some of the choices below.



Motif is a three day outdoor multicultural festival held at Moose Jaw's Happy Valley Park the second weekend of every July. This festival is a time when people from many different cultures come together and share their foods, dance, music and artwork. Several thousand people attend each year.

To find out more about, click on the info link.


Moose Jaw has many different events each year. These include arts, recreation, sports, music, live theatre, concerts, and more.

For more information about Moose Jaw events, click on the info link.


Arts & Culture

Moose Jaw has many arts and cultural activities and groups.

There is always something going on to interest you. For more information about arts and cultural activities, click on the info link.



There are many recreation and leisure activities for all ages. Most of these activities are coordinated through the City of Moose Jaw and the Community Associations in the City. Special activities are widely advertised through the local media. There are too many to list here. To find out more, click on the info link.

Community/School Sports

Schools also have many different sports for students. These differ from school to school and are different in the elementary (K-8) schools and the secondary (9-12) schools. This information will be given to students during the school year. The YMCA also offers a variety of activities for children and adults. To find out more, click on the info link.

Community Services

There are many organizations and groups in Moose Jaw that provide a wide variety of services. Some of these services are described below.

Community Associations

The Moose Jaw Community Directorate makes sure the four Community associations are run well. These associations plan and put on many community-based programs every year. Most of the programs are held in local schools. These associations are:

East Side Community Association306 630-8656
North West Community Association306 692-4464
South Hill Community Association306 631-2995
Sunningdale/VLA Community Association306 692-5920

To find out more, click on the info link.

Yara Community Gardens

Moose Jaw has two areas where families are able to plant vegetable gardens to add to their food supplies. These gardens are a partnership between YARA and Hunger in Moose Jaw, along with other sponsors. You must become a member of the association to be given a place to plant your garden. There is usually a waiting list, so you should contact the association as soon as possible. To find out more, click on the info link.

Youth Services

Most of the youth services in Moose Jaw take place at the schools, community associations, local arts and culture groups, local sports groups, and the YMCA. There is also one place that is only for young people, called Joe’s Place. Joe’s allows no alcohol or drugs. Schools will send information directly to the parents and students. The activities vary from school to school. You should contact the school of your choice to find out more. Click on the info link.

For arts and culture groups, local sports groups, and other groups, click on the info link.

For the YMCA, click on the info link.

For Joe’s Place, click on the info link.

The Moose Jaw Public Library also hosts many youth activities. Click on the info link.

Senior Services

Moose Jaw has many senior citizens (people over 65). As a result, there are many activities for them. Many of these activities are in care homes in the City. There are also some organizations that do give support even if you are not in a care home. Many of the senior activities are advertised in the local media and event calendars.

Cosmo Senior Citizens’ Centre306 692 6072
Moose Jaw & District Senior Citizens’ Association306 694 4223

Service Clubs

Service clubs or organizations are made up of active community volunteers. Some of these clubs are just local, while others are part of national or international organizations. At these clubs you can meet and get to know other people in the community. Each organization usually raises money to support one or more charitable organizations within the community. To see the service clubs that are in Moose Jaw, click on the info link.

Financial Assistance

Sometimes a family’s total income is not enough to cover all expenses. The Government of Saskatchewan has a program in place to help families and individuals when this happens. You may think you need this kind of help. If so, click on the info link.

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