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Immigration Frequently Asked Questions

Immigration rules are made by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). The most up-to-date answers for any questions that you may have are very likely on their web sites. Click on the info links below to see the FAQs and answers on their sites.


City of Moose Jaw FAQs Who is a Newcomer?

A Newcomer is any immigrant or refugee from outside Canada or from another Canadian province that is moving to Moose Jaw & District.

What services are available to help Newcomers?

The following organizations help newcomers. Click on the info links for more information.

Moose Jaw Multicultural Council

Moose Jaw Newcomer Welcome Centre

Where are the Moose Jaw Multicultural Council and the Moose Jaw Newcomer Welcome Centre?

Both are in downtown Moose Jaw within walking distance of each other. The Moose Jaw Multicultural Council is located at 60 Athabasca Street East. The telephone number is 306 693 4677. The Moose Jaw Newcomer Welcome Centre is located at 432 Main Street North. The telephone number is 306 692 6892.

What is the cost to use the Multicultural Council or Welcome Centre services?

There is no cost to use the services. The Governments of Canada and Saskatchewan support these services.

What if I cannot speak English?

The Newcomer Welcome Centre provides services for Newcomers who do not speak English. Over the phone translation is provided for most languages. There are also volunteers available to help with English.

How can I learn English?

You will need to contact the Multicultural Council or the Welcome Centre. They will arrange for an assessment of your English language skills. You will then be directed toward an English language program that is most suitable. These English language programs are FREE of charge.

Can I get financial help?

Neither the Multicultural Council nor the Welcome Centre can provide direct financial help. However, they can provide assistance for you to find services and programs that could provide financial assistance.

How do I get a job?

The Multicultural Council and the Welcome Centre do not find jobs for people. However, they will assist you with information on how to search for a job. They can also tell you how to contact government services that provide job searches. If you wish to search for a job by yourself, you can find most job opportunities by using the info link.

How do I find a place to live?

For more information on finding a place to live in Moose Jaw, click on the following info link.

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