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Before You Arrive

Our Government

Canada has three levels of government: Federal, Provincial, and Municipal. It is a top-down system that shares powers and duties. Canada is made up of 10 provinces and 3 territories. There are thousands of municipalities (local districts that make their own local laws). The Federal government is made up of elected officials from all provinces who are called Members of Parliament (MPs). The leader of the majority of elected officials is called the Prime Minister of Canada. The Federal government usually deals with citizenship, national security, foreign relations, postal service, national police service, and First Nations. (First Nations are the people who have lived in Canada for many thousands of years, before Europeans arrived.) The Provincial government of Saskatchewan is made up of elected officials from across the Province. These elected officials are called Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs). The leader of the majority of these elected officials is called the Premier of Saskatchewan. The Provincial government usually deals with education, health care, natural resources (like oil or potash), environment, agriculture, food, and provincial transportation, including highways. The Municipal government for the City of Moose Jaw is made up of seven elected officials, 6 of whom are councillors and one who is chosen as Mayor. The City of Moose Jaw Municipal government usually deals with fire and police services, local roads, snow removal, water and sewage, garbage collection, recreation (sports and other activities), and local public transportation.

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