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Before You Arrive

Cost of Living

Moose Jaw is not an expensive place to live. But, if you come from a country where you were a refugee, or had no job or had a very small income, the money to live here may seem to be a lot. Most of your expenses will be for housing, food, and clothes. Housing will cost the most. Moose Jaw has less expensive housing than many larger cities nearby. The actual cost depends on the type of housing that you need. You can look at the costs under the links in ‘Housing’. You will need heavy winter clothes and boots for the cold weather. You will need light summer clothes and shoes for the hot weather. Spring and Fall are cool. You can buy used clothes at the Salvation Army Thrift Store for very low prices. New clothes can be purchased at stores like WalMart, Sears and Superstore. Salvation Army Thrift Store 175 – 1st Avenue NE 306 692 8858

To find out more, click on the info links below.

Salvation Army



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