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Before You Arrive

Once you have permission to travel and to enter Canada, there are some things that need to be done. This part of the website will help you. There will be many pages of information and there will be many website links. Work through all of these parts to be ready for your new adventure. It is very important to plan ahead.

Our Government

Canada has three levels of government: Federal, Provincial, and Municipal. The Federal government is made up of elected officials from all provinces who are called Members of Parliament (MPs). The leader of the majority of elected officials is called the Prime Minister of Canada The Provincial government of Saskatchewan is made up of elected officials from across the Province. These elected officials are called Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs). The leader of the majority of these elected officials is called the Premier of Saskatchewan. The Municipal government for the City of Moose Jaw is made up of seven elected officials, 6 of whom are councillors and one who is chosen as Mayor. For more information, click on the info link.

Who should I contact?

Your most useful contact, other than your possible immigration advisor, is the Moose Jaw Multicultural Council (MJMC). The Newcomer Welcome Centre (NWC), one of the programs within the MJMC, is also a good contact point. The MJMC deals mostly with Permanent Residents (sometimes called Landed Immigrants). The NWC deals with all other immigrant groups. For more information, click on the info link.


Use a checklist to make sure everything has been done before you come to Canada. RBC Checklist CIC Checklist Local Checklist


You should begin to look at where you might find a job before you arrive in Moose Jaw, unless you already have a job waiting for you. Job opportunities and major employers can be found at the following info link.

Applications and Documents

It is very important to have all required documents (the papers you need) ready before you arrive in Canada. If something is missing, it may be very difficult to get into the country. You should have your documents translated into English or French, the two official languages in Canada. If you plan to come to Saskatchewan, it is better to have the translation done into English. To find out more about the documents you need, click on the info link.

Cost of Living

Moose Jaw is not an expensive place to live. But, if you come from a country where you were a refugee, or had no job, or had a very small income, the money to live here may seem to be a lot. Most of your expenses will be for housing, food, and clothes. To find out more, click on the info link.


Finding somewhere to live can be a problem. It is usually best to find housing before you arrive in Moose Jaw. If you are coming to Moose Jaw as a Government Assisted Refugee (GAR), the Settlement Workers at MJMC will help you to find a home. If you are coming to Moose Jaw on your own, then there are some resources that you can use to find a home. To find more resources, click on the info link.


There are two methods of transportation that will bring you directly to Moose Jaw – car or bus. There is no nearby passenger train service. If you are a Government Assisted Refugee, a plan will already be made for a MJMC Settlement Worker to meet you at the airport. All other classes of immigrants will need to arrange their own transportation. The nearest airport is in Regina, about 45 minutes away. To find out more, click on the info link.

Weather Moose Jaw has four different seasons: Winter (December 21-March 20), Spring (March 21-June 20), Summer (June 21 to September 20), and Fall (September 21 – December 20). The coldest season is winter and the warmest season is Summer. Moose Jaw has many sunny days, even when it is cold. To find out more, click on the info link.

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