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Garbage and Recycling

Regular household garbage and recycling is collected on a bi-weekly schedule between October-June, with weekly collection in place for the months of June, July, August, September, and October. Waste and recycling are collected on separate days according to your collection zone. To view the collection schedule, click here.

Residents who have manual collection are allowed to dispose of no more than six (6) large garbage bags per property per collection day and the total weight may not exceed 90 kilograms (200 pounds) of refuse

Residents who have manual collection are restricted to a maximum of 90 kilograms (200 pounds) of refuse per property per collection day as per the Waste Management Bylaw #5156 regarding residential garbage pickup.

A tag will be placed on bags containing unacceptable waste items, or that weight over 50lbs each. The problem must be corrected before pickup on the next scheduled garbage day. To avoid getting a tag and having to bag your garbage twice, use more bags with less weight in each.

Please help to reduce injuries to the city collection staff by safely preparing your garbage. For further information contact the Public Works Department 306-694-4448.

For information on the City's Sanitary Landfill, click here.

For details on the City of Moose Jaw’s recycling program, including what materials can and should be recycled, click here.

Rain Barrels & Compost Bins

To request a rain barrel or compost bin please contact the Public Works and Utilities Dept at 306-694-4448.

How does it all work?

The City of Moose Jaw’s has contracted Loraas Disposal to handle our recycling collection program. To see the collection schedule, click here.

Recycling pickup will occur in the same location as garbage pickup, whether that be curbside or in a back lane.

Recycling carts should be put out by 6 a.m. on the morning of pickup and removed from the pickup location on the same day. For pickup, lid arrows should be pointed toward the street or lane, and the lid should be closed. There should be three feet (1 metre) of space around the cart in all directions.

Below is an outline of what can and can't be recycled in the City of Moose Jaw's blue bin program. For more information about disposal of a wide variety of materials, including hazardous waste, use the Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council's handy website. 

If your garbage or recycling pick up was missed, please submit a Request For Service (RFS) within 24 hours of your scheduled collection day on the City of Moose Jaw app or click here

What goes in the bin?

Paper and Cardboard

Flattened corrugated cardboard and paperboard such as empty cereal boxes, empty detergent boxes, empty tissue boxes.

Newspapers, flyers, inserts, junk mail, and envelopes.

Magazines, catalogues, telephone books, paperback books.

Brown paper bags, tissue roll cores, paper, egg cartons.

Copier paper, NCR (no carbon required) paper.

Aluminum and Tin

Soft drink and beer cans.

Foil trays and pie plates.

Household tin cans (please rinse).


Containers with logo 1-7 (EXCEPT "Clam Shell"-type plastic containers labeled #1)

Plastic bags, plastic drink bottles and plastic wrap.

Aseptic Packaging & Cartons

Juice and milk cartons, milk jugs, tetra-pak containers and pouches (please rinse) These may also be returned to SARCAN for deposit refunds.


Clean bottles and jars.

What doesn’t go in the bin?

Household garbage, organics, or hazardous waste.

"Clam-shell"-type plastic containers labeled #1.

Plastic packaging with no recycling number listed.

Single-use plastic bags (like grocery or sandwich bags) or plastic film.

Gift wrap and packing paper.

Waxed, plasticized or food contaminated paper, cardboard cups, or plastic plates.

Soiled tissues, napkins or paper towels.

Confetti-shredded paper.

Styrofoam or other foam packing materials.

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