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Waterworks Financial Information

The Cities Regulations Part V.1 were amended in 2006 to require municipalities to provide specific financial information related to City-owned and operated waterworks.

2021 Waterworks Financial Overview:

  • Total Waterworks Revenues - $21,770,538
  • Total Waterworks Expenditures - $32,162,327
  • Total Debt Payments on Waterworks Infrastructure Loans - $2,587,172
  • Comparison of Waterworks Revenues to Expenditures plus Debt Payments, expressed as a ratio:

$21,770,538 / (32,162,327+2,587,172) = 0.63

For 2021, Waterworks Revenues covered 63% of Waterworks Expenditures (2020 – 60%).

Note that the following information required pursuant to section 54 of the Municipalities Regulations is available for inspection at the City of Moose Jaw 228 Main St N during the hours of 10 am to 4 pm Monday to Friday.  Please see the main floor reception for your inquiry:

  • Waterworks rate policy and capital investment strategy.
  • 2021 waterworks financial overview as per the above.
  • Current reserves.
  • Most recent waterworks independent engineering assessment.
  • Capital plans for waterworks infrastructure projects and sources of funding.

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