All projects related to Commercial, Institutional, Industrial or Multi-Unit Residential development are considered Type B Projects. Please follow the Commercial, Institutional, Industrial or Multi-Unit Residential Drawing Submission Checklist when applying for a Type B Project development.  

Once all required documents are received, permit turnaround time takes approximately 6 weeks. Incomplete applications will not be circulated for review and will result in delays. 

Rezoning [link to new zoning amendment webpage] , Discretionary Use [link to new discretionary use webpage] or Subdivision [link to new subdivision webpage] may be required. It is recommended you contact Planning and Development Services to discuss your project and inquire whether these processes are required prior to applying for Development and Building Permits. 

Commercial Incentives  


The City of Moose Jaw has a Tax Phase-In Policy which offers a number of commercial tax incentives to help attract and retain business in the City: 

Commercial/Industrial Tax Phase-In: Five-year phase-in (100%-80%-60%-40%-20%) for building construction which results in at least $50,000 increase in assessment. Applies only to the taxes on the increased assessment, and only to those properties which are subject to commercial or industrial taxation. 

Commercial Tax Phase-In Incentive: Five year tax phase-in on increased assessment applies for the following categories: 

  • Create a minimum of 15 full time, or full time equivalent, jobs within target business sectors by the start of year three, including five new, or five full time equivalent, jobs at start up. 
  • Re-develop an existing building, including structural reconstruction, updating mechanical and electrical, in a manner that will extend the commercial economic life of the building by additions. Conversions to condominiums or apartment blocks qualify providing the building has been vacant or used for another purpose for the past five years. 
  • Conversion of building with a municipal heritage designation from a residential to commercial use, and an increase to the taxable assessment by at least 30%. 

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