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Climate Action Plan Summary

The City of Moose Jaw’s Climate Action Plan is a long-term, action-driven plan providing both economic and environmental impacts that will showcase the City of Moose Jaw as a municipal climate change leader. It is a lead-by-example approach that will encourage all residents, business owners and institutions to contribute to the City’s overall climate action strategy.

Developing a Climate Action Plan and having shovel-ready projects will also put the City in a favourable position when exploring the funding opportunities available for municipalities due to provincial and federal climate change strategies.

City Council adopted the Climate Action Plan as part of the 2022 Budget, and the first step in the plan will see the City partner with Greenwave Innovations to implement the energy sub-monitoring systems at 10 City facilities while providing professional guidance for progress reporting, public engagement, funding applications, and the prioritization of future capital upgrades for City facilities.

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2022 Climate Action Plan Update

At the meeting of Executive Committee Monday, March 13, 2023, Greenwave Innovations provided an update on the progress made towards achieving the greenhouse gas (GHG) emission and water waste reduction targets set forward within the Climate Action Plan.

Highlights from the report include:

  • In 2022 the City deployed electrical sub-monitoring systems into its 10 largest energy-consuming facilities which make up almost half of our total emissions.
  • The addition of solar panels at the Yara Centre, Moose Jaw Events Centre and City Hall, as well as the LED lighting retrofit at Yara Centre have helped reduce the annual electricity costs by over $41,000.00, while eliminating 267 tonnes of greenhouse gases (CO2e). The total cost of the solar panels at the Yara Centre, Moose Jaw Events Centre and City Hall, as well as the LED lighting retrofit at Yara Centre is $1,037,800.00, with $761,018.74 provided through Federal/Provincial funding, and the City of Moose Jaw contributing $276,800.00.
  • The blower replacement project at the Wastewater Treatment Plant has seen cost reductions of almost $150,000.00 annually, while eliminating 1,399 tonnes of greenhouse gases (CO2e).
  • In 2022, the City received $25,000 in funding through the Community Buildings Retrofit Fund offered by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities for building monitoring and analysis projects.
  • In 2023 the focus will be on installing natural gas & water sub-monitoring systems into these same facilities while implementing all non-capital energy efficiency measures and prioritizing capital projects that show positive utility savings for the rest of the calendar year. Cost reductions and elimination of greenhouse gas emissions from the new High Service Reservoir Pumphouse will also be quantified.
  • In 2023, the City will continue to work with Greenwave Innovations on capital grant funding opportunities for energy savings retrofits through the Community Buildings Retrofit program and other federal and provincial climate change funding programs.
  • A public engagement dashboard was installed in January of 2023 in the front hallway leading into City Hall’s lobby that displays Moose Jaw’s Climate Action Plan and the progress that is being achieved. Nine other dashboards are currently being installed at other City facilities including the Kinsmen Sportsplex, Yara Centre, and PlaMor Palace.

2022 Climate Plan Progress Report

Greenwave Innovations Presentation

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