Tarps Aren’t Optional When Transporting Waste

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Moose Jaw, SK – The City of Moose Jaw reminds residents that tarps aren’t optional when transporting waste within City limits.

City Bylaw #5156, Section 23, requires that all loads must be tarped and secured. The City of Moose Jaw enforces Bylaw #5156, which states that all vehicles transporting wastes or debris must be covered or securely fastened to prevent any material from escaping the vehicle.

“One person’s blowing garbage causes issues for multiple people,” said Maryse Carmichael, City Manager. “It’s a hazard to other drivers and it’s unsightly, leaving others to clean up the mess. The Moose Jaw Police Service, as well as Landfill personnel, can issue violations for vehicles found to be traveling with unsecured loads.”

In addition to tarping your loads, the City reminds residents to separate their recyclable items from their waste. For full information on what can and can’t be recycled, how to handle hazardous waste and more information about the Landfill, visit www.moosejaw.ca/letstalktrash.