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MOOSE JAW – The City of Moose Jaw is pleased to launch the 2023 interactive Capital Projects map.

The new map showcases 48 projects funded through the 2023 Capital Budget in the Engineering and Parks & Recreation departments. Users can scroll through the projects and see status updates, timelines and budget allocations for each.

The list includes:
• Wellesley Park Lift Station upgrades
• 1st Avenue and Fairford signalized intersection upgrade
• 2022/2023 Sewer Lining program
• High Service Pumphouse

The map allows you to toggle and view 2022 Capital Projects as well. Users can view the Capital projects interactive map in the Maps section of the City’s website,, or with the home screen link on the free City of Moose Jaw app.

To watch a video on how to use the Capital Projects Map features, click here.

To view the map on desktop, use this link.
For mobile devices, use this link.