City Issues Tips For Dealing With Aphids (VIDEO)

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August 9, 2021

Moose Jaw, SK – The City of Moose Jaw has issued some helpful hints for dealing with aphids.

“The recent stretch of hot, dry weather has caused an increase in the local aphid population,” explained Sarah Regent, City of Moose Jaw Horticulturist. “They feed on the underside of leaves and produce a sticky substance called honeydew. When the aphid population on trees is high, this honeydew can drip onto surfaces below and become a nuisance.”

Helpful tips:

  • Dish soap and water are effective at removing the honeydew from vehicles and other surfaces.
  • If your tree has speckled or wilting leaves due to aphid feeding, it is a good idea to give your tree a deep watering to help it recover. Check that the soil is damp at least 10 cm below the soil surface so that you are sure the water gets below the grass roots.
  • Affected plants can also be washed off with a strong stream of water. The water will knock most aphids off the leaves but will be relatively gentle on the larger lady bugs and lacewings. The plant may need to be washed off a few times to get the aphid population under control.
  • Yellow sticky traps can also be helpful in reducing aphid populations in gardens and potted plants.

Regent adds “the best control for aphids is natural predators such as lady bugs, lacewings, and parasitic wasps, but lady bugs are not available to purchase this year due to wildfires in California. Residents are encouraged to help the natural lady bug population in the city by minimizing insecticide applications, leaving lady bugs outside, and creating ladybug drinking stations by filling a shallow dish with rocks and water. Drinking stations should be drained and refilled at least once a week to avoid mosquitoes breeding in the water.”

If residents have further questions or concerns, call Parks and Recreation at: 306-694-4447 or submit an inquiry through the free City of Moose Jaw app.