City Issues Storm Response Update; Free Landfill Disposal of Tree and Yard Waste

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October 26, 2022

MOOSE JAW – The City of Moose Jaw is prioritizing the clean up of debris from this week’s winter storm.

Hundreds of City trees have been impacted by the heavy, wet snow, in turn causing safety issues for residents and damaging property.

“Our current priority for tree clean-up efforts is focused on ensuring the safety of residents and property,” said Derek Blais, Director of Parks and Recreation. “Once all safety concerns have been addressed, our crews will turn their attention to cleaning up debris and we ask for patience as it will take several days.”

The City has hired external contractors to assist with the efforts, and residents can also help by piling smaller branches from City trees onto boulevards. Broken trees are obstructing many back alleys, and residents are asked to remove broken branches from the portion of the back alley directly adjacent to their property.

To make clean-up easier, the City is offering free disposal of trees and yard waste to residents and contractors from today (October 26) through Sunday, November 6, 2022. The landfill fees will only be waived for disposal of trees and yard waste (no mixing with other types of waste) and City staff will be on site to inspect loads at the landfill.

“This was an exceptionally damaging storm, and the quicker we can dispose of debris from City streets and back lanes, the sooner all of our operations can return to normal,” said Darrin Stephanson, Director of Public Works.

The City thanks you for your patience and reminds residents to use the Report An Issue feature at or on the free City app to report any issues with missed collections, broken trees/branches or any other matter for which the City provides service. Including a photo with your submission is encouraged as pictures enhance our ability to prioritize clean-up efforts.