City Government

Public Input

How to contact a member of Council

Council members may be contacted by email, telephone, facsimile or letter as listed under the City Council heading on the Contact Us page.

Public attendance at Council Meetings

Decorum in the Public Gallery

The Cities Act requires that all regular and special meetings of a Council must be open to the public. No person can be excluded from the meeting, except for improper conduct. The front doors to City Hall (on Main Street) are open on Mondays at approximately 6:00 p.m. Some people choose to be present during the entire Council meeting, however, some choose to be present only when items of interest pertaining to them are being discussed.

Decisions of City Council

Prior to the Council meeting, members of Council will review your letter and the administrative comments regarding your item. A decision regarding your item will usually be made at the Council meeting. However, there are occasions when additional information will be required before Council can make an informed decision. In this event, the item may be tabled or referred to a future Council meeting pending receipt of additional information. Following the Council meeting, the City Clerk will advise you by way of letter of Council’s decision respecting your item.

Audio Visual Equipment

Audio visual equipment is available for use at Council meetings. Please notify the Clerk’s Department as soon as possible in order that preparations may be made for use of the equipment.

City Clerk’s Department

The City Clerk’s Department is your direct link to Council and will endeavor to provide as much assistance as possible to ensure that your issue is brought to Council in a timely and professional manner. Please contact the City Clerk’s Department should you require any further information.

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