Processing Plants and Distribution Facilities

AG-VALUE ADDED PROCESSING New and expanding ag-value added seed processing plants are helping prime the local economy. Greg Simpson, President and CEO of Simpson Seeds Inc. said, “The future is bright for agriculture. The world population has exploded and all these people need food.”

CANADIAN PROTEIN INNOVATION CPI plans to build Saskatchewan’s first wet pea fractionation plant using both yellow cotyledon pea cultivars in the new Industrial Park. CPI will purchase 100 acres in the Moose Jaw Industrial Park to build a $100M wet pea processing plant.

Construction has been delayed but is planned to start in 2019 and be operational fall of 2021. The first phase will cost $65M and create 65 operational jobs. The second phase will cost $35M+ and create an additional 45-50 jobs.

CPI will process pea protein concentrate, starch and fibre and will be exporting into Asia via Vancouver to Asia and into the US. CPI will process 100,000 metric tonnes of field peas annually.

SIMPSON SEEDS is a major pulse processing plant in Moose Jaw exporting globally and is one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies. The company processes and exports specialty crops and selected seeds after buying from farmers throughout Saskatchewan.

VITERRA GRAIN TERMINAL formerly the Canadian government grain elevator is one of Viterra’s largest facilities with licensed storage capacity of 157,000 metric tonnes and service capacity of 112 rail cars. This facility is ranked as one of the top four in Western Canada.

ILTA’S GRAIN PROCESSING-PLANT FOR SPECIALTY CROPS (EST. $20M) The company has built a new processing plant located at Belle Plaine site. The project includes a $5M rail spur.

AGROCORP INTERNATIONAL AgroCorp International is a trading powerhouse in the Asia-Pacific region handling 1.5 million tonnes of grains shipped to India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri-Lanka, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, China and the Middle East. The company does about $250 million of its $2 billion trade in Canada. AgroCorp is a commodity trading company with a footprint across the globe and head office in Singapore. The company has expanded its $10M processing plant in Moose Jaw by 150% since opening in 2013. The plant processes pulse crops for export. The company’s Canadian Head Office was relocated to Moose Jaw in 2016.

CWB STATE-OF-THE-ART HIGH THROUGH PUT GRAIN ELEVATOR PASQUA  (located 10 kilometers east of Moose Jaw).This is a 42,000 metric tonnes of storage facility with 134 car loop track and cleaning facilities open in 2016 creating approximately 30 jobs. The new facility is in a prime location in the middle of a high production land. The company has the ability to ship grain east, west and south and is expected to intensify grain handling competition in the market.

FARMERS OF NORTH AMERICA’S GENESIS FERTILIZER DISTRIBUTION SUPER CENTRE BELLE PLAINE - $22M This is a 50,000 tonne facility to provide area farmers with nitrogen, phosphorus, sulphur, potash micronutrients and various liquid blends. The facility will be able to load eight Super-B trucks per hour. “The urea bin alone is 20,000 tonnes”, says Terry Drabiuk, VP of Business Development with AgraCity Crop & Nutrition, the commercial arm of FNA, “and service an 300 kilometers radius (LP Jan 2016).

The company long term goal is to build a nitrogen fertilizer manufacturing facility ($2.2B) on the same Belle Plaine site. This project would create 1900 construction jobs and 170 positions to operate the plant. This location has access to natural gas, power supply, water supply and infrastructure – roads and rail.

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