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SASKATCHEWAN WAS NAMED THE WORLD’S MOST ATTRACTIVE PLACE TO INVEST IN MINING BY THE FRASER INSTITUTE ANNUAL SURVEY OF MINING COMPANIES Saskatchewan ranked No. 1 out of 104 jurisdictions in their investment attraction index, up from No. 2 in 2016 thanks consistent, transparent regulations, a world class ore body and highly skilled workforce help to make companies like Mosaic potash mine one of the most competitive in North America. To competitive tax regimes and efficient permitting procedures and certainty around environmental regulations and land claims. The province has maintained a stable royalty structure over the last number of years, supported by clear government policies.

POTASH Saskatchewan has the largest high-grade reserves of potash in the world. Potash was Canada’s leading mineral by value of mineral production and Saskatchewan accounts for more than 90 per cent of Canadian potash production from eight conventional and two solution mines. Mosaic Potash Corporation and K+S, with two mines located near Moose Jaw, have invested over $18 billion in the past eight years in adding capacity with more investment planned until 2028. The Fraser Institute gas called Saskatchewan, “the most attractive area for mining investors in the world.”

Longer term potash production is expected to rebound as the industry continues to expand capacity to meet farmer demand as lower priced potash becomes more robust. Demand for agricultural commodities will only increase because millions of people around the globe will keep on eating. Although there have been short term challenges, global population growth means the demand for food will rise in the long term.

K+S POTASH CANADA – LEGACY MINE Construction of Saskatchewan’s first greenfield potash mine in four decades is cause for celebration. The mine is located 58 kilometers north of Moose Jaw, near the village of Bethune. The $4.25 billion solution potash mine site is now operational employing about 350 people. Annual production is expected to be 2 million tonnes in 2017, ramping up to 2.86 million tonnes by 2023 and four million tonnes by 2034. K+S Potash Canada Legacy Mine’s parent company is K+S Group of Kassel, Germany, Europe’s leading potash company and the fifth largest potash producer in the world. The company says the Canadian Legacy Project is an important corporate strategy for global competitiveness.

MOSAIC BELLE PLAINE The company’s Belle Plaine solution mine east of Moose Jaw has approximately 300 employees with roughly 60 per cent live in Moose Jaw. Mosaic’s operational capacity has increased from 9.3 to over 10.7 million tonnes per year, offset by lower prices”.

CANADIAN SALT COMPANY LTD. The parent company is K+S operating the Belle Plaine plant, one of the largest producers of commercial and industrial salt in the North America. The company is primarily focused on the production of agriculture salt in the form of salt blocks for livestock, food grade salt, industrial salt for de-icing roads, and salt for water softeners. The Windsor Salt name is the company brand name for salt product sold in Canada.


YARA INTERNATIONAL The largest producer of granular urea in North America, this Norwegian-based company owns and operates a world-scale nitrogen production facility supporting the world’s ever-rising demand for food. The Belle Plaine plant has two main operating units, the urea plant and the ammonia plant producing 700 tonnes of UAN a day (nitric acid is a key component of this liquid fertilizer). Yara also produces roughly 1.1 million tonnes of urea per annum.

The Company’s previous plans announced in 2012 for a $2 billion expansion were postponed due to the high cost of construction. Should that project proceed in the future it could add approximately 100 new high quality permanent jobs to its current 130-person workforce.

ALPINE PLANT FOODS Alpine Plant Foods is the Canadian leader in seed placed liquid fertilizer with manufacturing facilities located near Belle Plaine. Alpine has established itself as the leader in the liquid fertilizer business in Canada. The company has significant investment in research and development, new technology and uses a leading manufacturing process.

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