City Government

Public Art Committee

Structure:        Comprised of the following members:

  • one (1) member of City Council;
  • one (1) staff member of the Moose Jaw Museum and Art Gallery;
  • one (1) staff member of the Moose Jaw Cultural Centre;
  • one (1) staff member from Tourism Moose Jaw;
  • one (1) member of the Downtown Moose Jaw Association; and
  • four (4) persons residing in Moose Jaw.

Purpose:         Acting on behalf of the City, the Committee shall be responsible for:

  • facilitating the formation of a public art plan and outlining the priorities for Public Art in the City based on the purpose, goals, and procedures of the City of Moose Jaw Public Art Policy;
  • managing, controlling, and supervising the Murals of Moose Jaw Program, which includes determining and approving locations for the murals, and the annual repair and maintenance of the murals;
  • adjudicating and recommending works of art to City Council for approval, including commissions, purchases, or community-based projects, for which the funding has been approved according to the criteria outlined in the City of Moose Jaw Public Art Policy;
  • reviewing offers of donations of works of art or third-party Public Art initiatives, based on the goals and procedures of the City of Moose Jaw Public Art Policy, and making recommendations to City Council for their approval;
  • implementing a documented process for the conservation and ongoing maintenance of permanent pieces of public art;
  • providing a recommendation to City Council on the relocation or de-accessioning of public artworks as deemed necessary;
  • assisting in the promotion and education of the public about the City of Moose Jaw Public Art Policy and Public Art Collection;
  • completing an annual review of the Public Art Policy and proposing amendments to City Council when deemed necessary;
  • submitting an annual report to City Council highlighting the work completed over the past year through the Public Art Policy;
  • submitting an annual budget request to City Council and administering and reviewing the annual budget assigned by City Council for the City’s Public Art Fund; and
  • requesting a non-voting art-specific expert or peer jury to provide advice to the committee depending on the Public Art being adjudicated.

Public Art Committee Bylaw



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