City Government

Parks, Recreation and Facilities Advisory Committee

Structure:           Comprised of the following members:

  • the Mayor (ex officio);
  • one member of City Council; and
  • nine persons residing in Moose Jaw
  • one must be a citizen representative of the senior citizen community (55 + years old).
  • one must be a citizen representative of the youth community (16 – 23 years old).

Purpose:             To act in an advisory role for the City, the Committee shall:

(a)   advise and make recommendations on policy matters as to how best the duties and objectives of the Department may be performed;

(b)   recommend policies, rules and regulations concerning the use of lands set aside for parks, cemeteries or recreation purposes;

(c)   encourage individuals and groups to offer constructive criticism of the City’s parks and recreation policies and to discuss with those individuals and groups ways and means of improving parks and recreation services;

(d)  stimulate and promote the interest of the public in civic beautification;

(e)  act as a liaison body between civic government and all horticultural and recreational bodies in the City;

(f)    recommend measures to ensure that the physical development of parks and recreation lands and facilities meets the overall recreational needs of the public;

(g)  in conjunction with the Municipal Planning Commission, study the need for, and make recommendations as to the size and location of, additional parks and recreations areas;

(h)   co-operate with the School Boards in planning joint development policies to encourage more advantageous and economic use of school, park and recreation facilities by the public;

(i)    consider and make recommendations in connection with charges to be made for the use of parks, recreation, cemetery, campground and other lands and facilities under the control of the Department;

(j)    set up an advisory group or groups  to assist or advise the Committee in its activities; and

(k)   advise and make recommendations with respect to any other parks and recreation related matter that is referred to the Committee.

Term of Office:  Two (2) Years, commencing January 1

Parks, Recreation & Facilities Advisory Committee bylaw #5374

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