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Heritage Advisory Committee

Structure:           Comprised of the following members:

  • the Mayor (ex-officio);
  • one member of City Council;
  • one person nominated by the Moose Jaw and District Chamber of Commerce;
  • four persons residing in Moose Jaw.

Purpose:             To act in an advisory role for the City, the Committee provides the City with policy advice and recommendations on matters respecting:

  • any matter arising out of The Heritage Property Act;
  • designation of municipal heritage properties or districts;
  • the development or alteration of heritage properties; and
  • any other heritage property related matter that is referred to the Committee.

Term of Office:                      Two years, commencing January 1

Meeting Frequency:            Monthly, currently every third Wednesday at 5:15 p.m. (no meetings in July & August)

Meeting Place:                     Council Chambers in City Hall or by Video Conference

Heritage Advisory Committee Bylaw #5369


The application period for the 2023 Heritage Awards is from January 15, 2024 to February 9, 2024. Please fill out the following application form and send to or drop off at the City Clerk’s Office on the second floor of City Hall, 228 Main St. N.

HAC Awards Nomination Form 2023

Each year the City’s Heritage Advisory Committee recognizes individuals and business owners in the following categories:

  1. Stewardship – Long term care of a heritage property. Protecting, maintaining and/or stabilizing the existing materials, form and integrity of a heritage place while protecting its heritage value.
  2. Restoration - Accurately revealing, recovering or representing the state of a historic place as it appeared at a particular period in its history, while protecting its heritage value.
  3. Adaptive Reuse - Making possible the continuing or compatible contemporary use of a historic place, through repair, alterations, and/or additions while protecting its heritage value.
  4. Advocacy/Heritage Education - Recognizes the efforts of individuals or groups that are advocating heritage or promoting the conservation of a heritage site, or are increasing public awareness of heritage issues.
  5. Sympathetic New Construction - Recognizes new design that respects the heritage character of an associated property, immediate context or neighbourhood. This takes into consideration the compatibility of the new buildings or additions with the heritage character of the streetscape, setting or neighbourhood in terms of architectural design, scale, form, materials and minimal intervention.
  6. Heritage Tradespeople/craftspeople – Recognizes the skills of an individual or team in trades and craft professions relative to a heritage conservation project.
  7. Collection of Distinction - Recognizes a group of citizens who have either maintained or preserved buildings, items, or certain architectural details, that highlight a specific historical time period in the development of the city. Recipients need not be neighbouring, but, rather, could be related by historical use, development, or significance. This category can also include artifacts of distinction that can be submitted by citizens, businesses, and organizations.

2023 Heritage Award Winners


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