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Heritage Advisory Committee


Acting in an advisory role for the City, the Committee shall provide the City with policy advice and recommendations on matters respecting:

  • any matter arising out of The Heritage Property Act;
  • designation of municipal heritage properties or districts;
  • the development or alteration of heritage properties; and
  • any other heritage property related matter that is referred to the Committee.


The Committee shall consist of the following members:

  • one member of City Council;
  • one person nominated by the Moose Jaw and District Chamber of Commerce; and
  • four persons residing in Moose Jaw.

Aims & Duties

To provide advice to City Council:

  • on any matter arising out of The Heritage Property Act or the regulations thereunder.
  • on any changes to the criteria for evaluation of properties of architectural or historical value or interest with respect to heritage designation.
  • on buildings, properties and artifacts to be designated under The Heritage Property Act.
  • on policies related to conserving heritage properties and areas.
  • on current heritage conservation legislation and to recommend proposed changes to municipal legislation to conserve heritage properties and areas.
  • on ways to increase public awareness and knowledge of heritage conservation issues.
  • on any other matters relating to buildings and areas of architectural or historical significance.
  • on properties and artifacts owned by the City.

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