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Accessible Community Advisory Committee

Accessibility Guide

Structure:           Comprised of the following members:

  • the Mayor (ex officio);
  • one member of City Council;
  • one person nominated by the Saskatchewan Polytechnic Moose Jaw Campus;
  • one person nominated by Moose Jaw Families for Change;
  • one person nominated by the Age Friendly Community;
  • one person representing the CNIB community;
  • one person representing Moose Jaw Special Olympics;
  • one person representing Moose Jaw Diversified Services;
  • one person nominated by the Cultural Diversity Advisory Committee;
  • three persons residing in Moose Jaw.

Purpose:             To act in an advisory role for the City, the Committee shall:

  • advise Council on strategies to improve the accessibility and inclusivity of services, programs, facilities and other infrastructure, including the identification and removal of barriers that hinder full participation in the community, including persons with disabilities, children, youth, and seniors;

  • advise on the development, implementation and evaluation of guiding principles, policies and strategies to position Moose Jaw as an accessible community focused on the inclusion of all residents;

  • identify and liaise with local stakeholders, including other levels of government to establish partnerships and collaboration related to improving access and inclusion;

  • review potential barriers to accessibility and inclusion within City services;

  • provide recommendations on City capital projects, including infrastructure upgrades and retrofits and implementation of accessible features at new and existing City facilities;

  • review Federal and Provincial directives, regulations, and legislation relating to accessibility and inclusion and identify implications for the City;

  • research potential community accessibility issues and current leading practices for eliminating barriers to participation;

  • provide advice on public awareness campaigns to promote the City’s efforts to make its services and facilities accessible and inclusive;

  • provide engagement opportunities for community members with disabilities to raise issues and concerns with decision makers.

  1. matters respecting the service needs of persons with disabilities; and
  2. any other access of special needs related matter that is referred to the Committee.

 Term of Office: Two Years, commencing January 1

Bylaw No. 5687 Accessible Community Advisory Committee

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