Board of Revision

The Board of Revision is an independent quasi-judicial board independent of City Council.


The function of the Board is to deal with appeals arising from assessment procedures in accordance with Section 192 of The Cities Act.


  • Section 192(1) of The Cities Act provides for no less than three persons. Currently, there are five regular members, all from the general public.
  • Section 192(2) of The Cities Act states that no member of the Council or the Board of Education of any school division, situated wholly or partly in the City or in which the City is wholly or partly situated, is eligible to sit as a member of the Board of Revision for the City.


  • Ability to commit required time.
  • Understanding of the quasi-judicial function and the role of members of a tribunal.
  • Understanding of assessment processes.
  • Experience in hearing appeals or in meetings that involve an adjudication process.
  • Ability to write, in plain and concise language the Board’s decisions that are comprised of the testimony heard and the analysis and summary of the Board’s reasons for its decisions.
  • Ability to act with integrity.
  • Ability to organize, read, understand, and apply complex and large documents, statute law and regulations, and case law.


Two-year term.


The Board meets as required for full day sessions depending on the number of appeals received.  Members are usually divided into panels, which are assigned various days’ worth of meetings until the last one is finished.


In accordance of Section 192(4)(c) of The Cities Act, the Council shall prescribe the remuneration and expenses payable to each member.

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